Korean-American actor Ricky Kim (also known as Ricky Lee Neely in the States) recently tweeted a picture alongside actress Choi Yeo Jin (More Charming by the Day) on the set of I Need Romance. He tweeted: "최여진이랑 리키김 셀카^,^ tvn 드라마 로맨스가필요해 촬영장^^ on set for we need romance~~ its so hot today" which translates to: "Choi Yeo Jin and Ricky Kim sel-ca* ^,^ on the set for we need romance^^" (The rest followed in english) *sel-ca is short for "self camera" You may have seen Ricky Kim in various dramas including: Heading to the Ground, ATHENA: Goddess of War and Midas. Glad to see he's adding I Need Romance to this list. Keep watching on DramaFever and look out for him! Source: Twitter, Ricky Kim