Remember his name! The first segment of Six Flying Dragons tells the backstory of the major characters who will influence the dramatic rise of Joseon kingdom in Korea. Surprisingly, it is teen actor Nam Da Reum, playing the young Yoo Ah In, who shines most brightly in carrying the first 4 episodes of the impressive historical drama. You may not recognize his name immediately, but you probably have seen him in many popular dramas, starting with Boys over Flowers.

At only 13, Nam Da Reum has already accumulated an impressive portfolio of over 20 TV dramas and 3 movies. Although the cute actor mostly played the young version of an adult character, his performance has tugged at our hearts many times and kept us glued to the dramas.

1. He debuted as young Ji Hoo for Kim Hyun Joong in Boys over Flowers

Cuteness overload from him, Kim Hyun Joong, and Gu Hye Sun

After Boys Over FlowersNam Da Reum continued to take on roles and has appeared in many famous dramas, such as Dong YiThree DaysThe Suspicious HousekeeperHwajung, and more.

2. He was young Dal Po for Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio.

He and Lee Jong Suk both made us cry and laugh in the affecting drama. The feels linger long after the show's over.

3. In Six Flying Dragons, he starts off as an innocent and carefree young son of a general, until he encounters evils in the grown-ups' world and becomes resolute in a new determination to uphold justice.

He is a perfect fit to play the young Lee Bang Won. Even his own changing voice, on the cusp of physical maturity, matches well with the character going through critical transformations that will shape his future self.

After writing about hot actor Yoo Ah In, I just had to watch Six Flying Dragons. It isn't easy to commit to a 50-episode historical, but I would recommend that you watch at least the first 4 episodes because of Nam Da Reum, who essentially carries the initial segment. You can either watch the first episodes just for him, or you may want to stay on to see how Yoo Ah In will compare as the older Lee Bang Won.

Nam's stellar performance convincingly explains how a young and innocent teen was influenced to shape his world view of justice and virtue, which would become extremely important as he later becomes a prince destined to rule the Joseon kingdom. 

Whenever a child star becomes popular, we never know how the future will hold. But in Nam's case, given his mile-long portfolio and impressive performance in many dramas, I feel quite certain that we are watching a rising star with limitless potential. 

Good luck and best wishes to Nam Da Reum! Watch him now in the first episode of Six Flying Dragons:

 ~ NancyZdramaland

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