[caption id="attachment_7517" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="Jiyeon"][/caption] Road No. 1 producer Kim Jin Min described his unusual method for creating the war epic in a new interview, saying that unlike many Korean dramas, Road was completely written before shooting began in order to give as much time as possible to post-production. Most dramas are still shooting as episodes start to air, putting producers under pressure to cut corners and alter their stories as viewer reaction floods in. That's the wrong approach for Road No. 1, says Kim: "the viewers own whatever goes on air but Korean dramas will never improve if you can't shoot dramas in advance because you're fearful of viewers' response." In other Road No. 1 news, stars Kim Ha Neul, So Ji Sub and Yoon Kye Sang gave a joint interview describing their experiences on the set as shooting reaches the 80% completion mark. All seem to be ecstatic about the upcoming show, Kim saying that it's the first time she's received such a moving script. And although the tight production schedule didn't allow for a lot of happy hours, Kim and So say they became very close friends after shooting their love scenes together... It looks as though new DF addition Personal Taste will be a 16-episode drama after all. Although the popular romantic comedy has been such a commercial success that producers were considering a 4-ep extension, a crowded time slot and other issues will have the drama wrap up as planned. Lee Bum Soo will marry Lee Yoon Jin in about a week, and he's decided to make public his unique wedding invitations. Designed and drawn himself, the invitations feature a simple pencil drawing of the happy couple. If you're still waiting for yours to come in the mail, you can get a sneak peek at the invites here. After being shuffled around the calendar by the appearance and sudden postponement of I Am Legend, new noir drama Bad Guy finally has an air date set in stone (for now). Starring Kim Nam Gil, Bad Guy will premier in two weeks, following the finale of Prosecutor Princess. Finally, a follow-up to the story of T-ara's Jiyeon's first kiss with Yoo Seung Ho. Evidently she fell for the masculine charisma of his music video persona, not realizing the goofball behind the image! Full story and video from Strong Heart are here.