[caption id="attachment_12791" align="alignleft" width="369" caption="Hyo Min"][/caption] In a move unusual for Kdramas, taping of the highly anticipated Korean War epic Road No. 1 was completed in full before the first episode hit the airwaves (it premieres next Wednesday). It must be a relief for stars So Ji Sub, Kim Ha Neul, and Yoon Kye Sang's abs to be able to promote the drama with the confidence of having seen the entire finished product. Check out the cast and crew's finale party here, and see Kim making sure her dress doesn't result in any embarrassing photos at a press conference for the series here. The World Cup is playing havoc with drama ratings in Korea, and for now the Wednesday-night beneficiary is the new Baker King Kim Tak Gu. How will it hold up next week when the juggernaut Road No. 1 arrives? Meanwhile, for its 10th week in a row, the number-one drama in Korea is the saguek Dong Yi. Two new weekend dramas begin on Saturday, running the spectrum from family romance to war drama. Please Marry Me is about four couples living under one roof, and Comrades has been getting quite a bit of press as the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War draws near. See the cast and posters for both new shows right here. The upcoming Hong Sisters' fantasy-romance My Girlfriend is a Gumiho gained a new cast member from the pop music world: Hyo Min is the latest member of T-Ara to step into the acting spotlight on the new show. She'll have a supporting role as a friend of the two main characters and daughter of a film stunt academy, where the drama is apparently partially set. Oguri Shun just wrapped up the mountain-climbing flick Gaku, set on the perilous Yakugatake mountain range. In order to make the movie, he had to get adept at "vertical downhill," which sounds really scary. He relied on the tight-knit crew so much that now that shooting's over, he says he feels quite lonely... And finally, Jang Geun Suk, who recently announced that he's on a diet, will be dancing the pounds away at an all-night party to cheer on South Korea as they face Nigeria in the World Cup.