“Some women drivers lack a sense of direction, and while driving a car they often hesitate and can’t decide which road to take. Even for places they’ve been to several times, they still can’t remember how to get there when driving themselves.” This quote did not just come from some random sexist guy, but was actually posted on the Bejing police's Twitter-like account, Weibo, on Tuesday

The post was titled, "Female drivers, please pay attention and avoid driving mistakes." Some of the other "tips" for female drivers included making sure to not wear high heels while driving and refraining from panicking when you realize that you are going the wrong way. Another post shows a cartoon of a police officer confronting a woman driving a car that looks like a big red high heel. The posts on the police's verified Weibo account, which has almost 6 million followers, immediately drew outrage. Two followers replied,

"How can police post on the official account an article which so blatantly discriminates against women? Most of the safety issues are common to new drivers of both sexes. Why make a particular point about women?"

"If this post appeared in the United States, I could go to court to sue them."