roberthally_vitamin On a recent episode of Vitamin New Years edition, Robert Holley, an American-born Radio DJ and TV personality in Korea, revealed an unusual request made by his son. During the shoot, MC Kim Yong Man asked Holley, "What's the difference between American hospitals and Korean hospitals?" Holley answered that in Korea, they have much more plastic surgery and there are a lot more people who go under the knife. He said, "There are a lot of people I know who have gone through plastic surgery. My son even tells me, 'Dad, my nose is too big!' and told me that he wanted to get surgery done." This unexpected revelation about his son from Robert Holley put him on the list of celebrities who blurt out thoughtless statements. However, top comments from netizens were full of compliments for his unexpectedly handsome and adorable son, Ha Jae-Ik (Jake). Do you think Jae-Ik needs plastic surgery? (Source: