The press conference for Gangnam 1970 was packed full of testosterone heat as three male actors, Lee Min HoKim Rae Won, and Jung Jin Young appeared with director Yoo Ha on stage. The atmosphere was warmed by frequent bursts of laughter. Find out who was described as a beast for his bed scenes, and who sustained a toe injury. But first, let's enjoy the bromance exhibited by these affectionate photos.

At the press conference on December 12, Lee Min Ho said that he had tended to play a chaebol heir, and this movie gave a fresh and different image. Kim Rae Won said that actors among his peers dream of working with director Yoo Ha. The story with 1970 as the backdrop was also very appealing to him. Jung Jin Young added, "This film is unfancy. That is why the film is cool."

It was revealed that Lee Min Ho sustained a toe injury on the set. Lee said, "I always get injured during shooting. My toenail fell off while I was doing backward roll. So, I had to stop to be under anesthesia. It took me 3 days to come back to work.” Kim Rae Won said jokingly, “He showed good acting even after he was injected with painkiller." Director Yu Ha also caused a round of laughter when he said, “His toenail fell off on his way for dinner. It was not because of his action scene."  (Wow, the injury sounds pretty serious if it made Lee Min Ho take off for 3 days.)

As a scene between Lee Min Ho and AOA's Seolhyun was played at the press conference, Lee Min Ho recalled the filming occasion to be very pleasant and was even the happiest day for him during the entire 6 months of shooting the film. He said, "Seolhyun's eyes gave off a sad feeling. I asked her if there was any trouble at home. Later I found out that her parents are a loving couple, and she grew up in a warm and happy family." His humorous comment got the audience to laugh aloud with him.

Naturally the reporters asked if Lee Min Ho had any lover in the movie. The director responded that Lee Min Ho's character had feelings for Seolhyun, but they were not lovers. Bae Yong Ki, played by Kim Rae Won, was the one with a lover.

Gangnam 1970 is rated "inappropriate for teenagers" in South Korea. Lee Min Ho commented on it with a laugh, "Yong Ki's bed scenes were high-grade, and even I thought they looked sexy. He was like a beast. As for me, my scenes are very low-grade and a teen can watch it." 

The story of Gangnam 1970 depicts greed and desire leading two best friends to a violent struggle over the development of Gangnam during the 1970s. After postponing its premier in December, the movie recently set a new date to premiere on January 21 in Seoul, Korea, and it has been confirmed to show in 11 Asian countries.

This article is the second part to a 3-part series on the Gangnam 1970 (Gangnam Blues) press conference.

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