God of Study week 21 caption winner


New winner for last week's God of Study caption contest! Congratulations to sehr sh! We hope no one received the bad news about Santa like Go Ah Sung just did!

It is now October, and we have plenty of new dramas coming out this week! One of the upcoming dramas is Romance Town - which stars Sung Yuri (Snow Queen) and Jung Kyeo Woon (Sign, Dr. Champ). In this drama, the maids of First Street are privy to all the family secrets, affairs, and children born out of wedlock. Money is clearly the root of all evil for these upper-class snobs whom the maids work for, but it doesn't stop them from dreaming of winning the lottery.

However, when one of their own does win the lottery, it brings true personalities out into the light and threatens to break even the most honest relationships that have been formed on First Street.

So here I present the next photo for this week's caption contest:


Romance Town week 22 caption contest

My surgeon TOTALLY gave me a better eye lift than Wife No. 5 over there.

Enter by putting your caption in the comments below. The winner will be announced next Monday on October 10! And don't forget to stay tuned for Romance Town - coming to DramaFever on October 7!

**UPDATE:** This contest is now closed. Check here for the winner and new photo for captioning!