The fascinating historical drama, The Princess Weiyoung, about a princess in disguise on a quest to revenge for her conquered kingdom, has captivated both Chinese and international viewers. Did you know that the leading couple Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin sing the beautiful theme song at the end of each episode? Take a look at the music video.

The MV shows Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin singing their love song, "Heaven's Gift," in the recording studio. They both have lovely voices!

(Sorry that the MV's lyrics are not English subbed. However, I will provide my translation* following the video. Basically it's about eternal love and keeping promises.)


如果我一顆心被你俘虜    If my heart is captured by you

就流浪在你懷裡的國度    I will wonder in the land of your embrace

我沿你手掌心的紋路       Following the pathways imprinted in your palms

啟程我的追逐                  I shall embark my journey

Luo Jin:

如果你眉宇都掛著孤獨    If your eyebrows are furrowed with loneliness

就撫摸讓你冰山化成湖    My warm touch will melt icebergs into lakes

我陪你瘋的任性糊塗       I will accompany your willful craziness

笑的淚眼模糊                  Full of laughter with tears that blur my eyes


就一眼愛變成一種天賦    Love at first sight becomes a gift from Heaven

心跳在你面前有了溫度    Heartbeats become warm in front of you

我為你開始領悟               I gain an understanding because of you

忘掉明天和假如               Forget tomorrow and other possible outcome

幸福就是滿足                  Happiness is feeling contented

Luo Jin:

只一眼愛變成一種天賦    Love at first sight becomes a gift from Heaven

不自覺能牽你笑抱你哭    I can't help but hold you to laugh and cry together

我為你有了旅途              For you I have a journey to make

不管離天涯幾步              No matter how far to the end of the world

我都不在乎                     I don't care

(Repeat the last two stanzas.)

Will the two lovers ever fulfill their destined love? That is a question that Chinese and international fans are all wondering!

The Princess Weiyoung's story is so intriguing that the drama has risen to become one of the most popular dramas on DramaFever. It stars Tiffany Tang as the revenging princess who meets her true love in Luo Jin, the prince of her enemy, the Wei dynasty, and battles a formidable adversary in the incomparable Vanness Wu, who has shined as a charming villain.


The Princess Weiyoung - 锦绣未央

Starring Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin

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*My translation is my own version. If you copy, please give credit. There may be an official translation.

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