Welcome back to the Doctor Romantic Drama Club! In these episodes our team of doctors prepare for the CEO’s surgery, we learn information about Teacher Kim’s past, Dr. Do along with the CEO’s daughter continue to attempt to sabotage Teacher Kim and the hospital, and Seo Jung and Dong Joo try to keep their relationship secret. Join June, Wendilynn, and I as we discuss these and other topics in this week's episodes of Doctor Romantic.


Doctor Romantic

Starring Han Suk Kyu and Seo Hyun Jin

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Wendilynn: A Storm is a good way to describe these 4 episodes. I thought Im Bum wasn’t going to survive the lead up to the surgery. All his nonsense really came crashing down around his ears. I don’t think he’s ever felt so useless ever.

June: I agree! The storm was something was definitely brewing for a while and now it finally had arrived with the main surgery. This was one of the few times that I felt really bad for Im Bum, but I might mean it was definitely coming. I wasn’t surprised to know that Teacher Kim already knew what was going on. That man catches on to everything.

DeShonda: I felt bad for In Bum as well, but as you mentioned June we all saw this coming. I knew that Teacher Kim knew what was going on the entire time.


Wendilynn: Nothing gets by him, that’s for sure. When he told Im Bum that he didn’t have any spark to make him special and Im Bum started to tear up I thought that was especially harsh. He certainly deserved it for all the stunts he was pulling. When they showed how Dong Joo was practicing on real animal organs while Im Bum kept to computer simulations it really contrasted the difference between the boys. But, then when Teacher Kim accepted Im Bum into the surgary team and told him he’d cut off his hands if he messed up, I had to smile. That was the same thing he told Dong Joo when he first joined the crew. I knew that Teacher Kim wasn’t tossing Im Bum away like his father was.

June: I was glad that they showed us how different both boys were at how they managed their skills and learned, it was very telling. I agree with you, when he said Im Bum had no spark, it was like woahhhhh. I feel like if someone told me that I would lose my confidence and self esteem really quick. But I knew it was all going to work out because Teacher Kim isn’t Dr. Do and he actually acts like a human with empathy. Speaking of Dr. Do, him and that CEO daughter really just get under my skin!

DeShonda: I was shocked about that comment that was made to In Bum as well. Dr. Do and his daughter really get on my nerves as well. I was just waiting patiently for Teacher Kim to put her in her place.


Wendilynn: She was a piece of work for sure. Although I never could tell if she was in Director Do’s pocket or not. When we finally got the backstory of how Teacher Kim was blacklisted at Geosam, she was front and center. I shouldn’t be surprised by Director Do’s gall, but even I was startled that he was having other doctors perform proxy surgeries in Teacher Kim’s name to make money on his fame. I mean, we knew he was a snake, but oh my gosh, he was willing to play with other people's lives for money. How did this snake end up as a doctor?

June: Oh my gosh, when I saw that flashback, I was livid! Not only was that snake of a daughter not even getting a proper investigation over what was happening, that evil doctor was just sitting there all smug. Ugh, I couldn’t stand it! I just don’t understand it! He definitely became a doctor for just the fame and money for sure.

DeShonda: That backstory is something I was waiting for and it really told a lot. I must say I was very shocked. Dr. Do is the lowest of the low in my opinion for doing that.

Wendilynn: On the flip side of these terrible revelations, we had the adorable story of our OTP. Seo Jung and Dong Joon are so cute. She wants to hide their relationship and Dong Joo isn’t having any of that. All those ways he was telling her I love you cracked me up.

June: The OTP are definitely a smiling happy light in this drama right now! I love all their interactions and Dong Joo is seriously loving it. He’s like I’m going to show the whole world that we are together!

DeShonda: I really love the interaction between Seo Jung and Dong Joon. They are so cute together trying to hide their relationship. I love how everyone else knows something is up between them, but they just continue to be in denial.


Wendilynn: He even faked a fight with her to help her feel better which fooled no one. The team seemed to be delighted with the idea. I’m sure it was a nice diversion as they all prepped for CEO Shin’s surgery. I honestly don’t know if I could have made the choice he made. I don’t know if I would want to spend my last 3 or so months on this earth recovering from heart surgery which takes months.

June: The CEO really had a tough decision to make and I agree, I don’t know if I would have chosen the same. More power to him though. This whole surgery in general felt like a huge gamble. There were so many external forces that kept getting thrown at Teacher Kim’s team’s way, from Dr. Do to the CEO’s daughter, even towards the end with the reporter.

DeShonda: I agree. That was a very hard decision the CEO had to make. I agree with you June, that surgery was a big gamble. That reporter was really getting on my nerves the way he was sneaking around. I instantly knew he was up to no good.


Wendilynn: Oh, yeah, that reporter. Who was convinced that Teacher Kim was a murderer. Although, I’m sure he was taken aback when Teacher Kim challenged his courage with ever printing the truth if he were to know it. Even Do Il, the anaesthesiologist hinted that there were things that were never to be told to protect someone. Just how many people is Teacher Kim helping?

June: For real! This man is really a saint. He is always helping everyone but yet I feel like everyone is always out trying to get him. By everyone, I mean Dr. Do and his lackeys. Lol

DeShonda: Teacher Kim is very much a saint. I also feel that because he is so helpful people often is out to use him and I don’t like Dr. Do’s camp taking advantage of him.


Wendilynn: So true. Director Do really was trying to screw him over. First by insisting on the live surgery so they could catch mistakes to even trying to use the extended time it took CEO to wake up as a weapon to get him. I laughed so loud when Teacher Kim threw that guardianship paper in their faces so they couldn’t hurt the CEO any further. I should have seen that move coming but I didn’t. When you believe everyone is out to kill you but your doctor, who else are you going to trust?

June: Yes that guardianship paper was one of my favorite moments for sure! It was like bam! Go away, I have full permission! This paper was definitely needed for this mess of a situation. Dr. Do really is something though. He wanted to make sure any mistake was seen by his team. He’s so pathetic honestly.

DeShonda: That was on of my favorite moments as well! I absolutely loved that scene. That paper played a very important part in what was going on with the surgery.

Wendilynn: The narration kept talking about how the truth was based on facts but that the facts were often not what they seemed to be. And that was really a truth were Director Do is concerned. He knew that forcing CEO Shin to move too early would hurt him. Knowing that he wanted him dead really made all his seeming “help” really evil. He even tried to bluster with some pretend righteous indignation over Teacher Kim’s desire to build a trauma center out of Doldam Hospital. I’m not sure why everyone was scandalized by him having such plans, but it seemed rather logical to me. However, we know that Teacher Kim wasn’t throwing lives around for such an idea. Unlike Director Do who would view this as a valid reason to close the hospital.


June: The fact that he was actually hoping that CEO Shin wouldn’t woke up and was really pushing for his daughter to make some shady decisions was more than telling. I also didn’t get the big deal they made about Teacher Kim wanting to build the trauma center. Like isn’t that a good thing for patients!

DeShonda: I am glad you mentioned that June, because I didn’t understand what the big deal was either. I was thinking it would be a good thing as well.

Wendilynn: You would think so. I like that the team was really solidifying together through all this. Even when Im Bum tried to separate himself because he was embarrassed by his father, Dong Joo refused to let him. They may not be friends, but at least now they are on the same side, I felt. Even Adminstrator Gi-Tae finally stopped kissing Doctor Song’s butt and stood against him and Director Do. the Hospital really rallied around each other as they faced the harassment that Director Do was dishing out. Of course, that last piece of information about how Teacher Kim has something to do with Dong Joo’s father’s death was a low blow for trying to create dissent. That’s Dong Joo’s weak spot and Director Do just put a knife in it.

June: Ugh, when he did that, I was almost about to throw my computer out the window. It always just takes that little inkling of doubt for someone to change their opinion. This matter was something that is essential to Dong Joo and I hate when Dr. Do uses it. It’s really such a low blow.

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