Oh man, these posters for Rooftop Prince crack me up, especially this first one above where our time-traveling Joseon aristocrats (and prince) find themselves stuck in a box (literally) wondering, “Is this real life or the afterlife?” I know, the 21st century’s a bitch, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure my favorite thing about prince Yoochun is the utter dignity with which he wears his royal hat and tracksuit. It’s like Lee Jung’s ridiculous cape in Vampire Idol — meant to convey prestige and rank but really just making him look like a Conehead. I’m particularly partial to (unintentional?) irony of Yoochun wearing the uniform of civil service exam-takers the nation over (aka the sloppy tracksuit), which makes him look like an aspiring government employee. (Imagine a future king taking a civil service exam; is the world ready for such a revolutionary concept?) Read more on Dramabeans.