In the past year, Lee Sun Bin has been making a name for herself as an up-and-coming actress with her roles in notable dramas, such as Squad 38 and Madame Antoine, and participation in some well-known variety shows. However, it seems like this is just the beginning for the ambitious rookie, who already has exciting plans for the upcoming year. 

Recently, Lee Sun Bin's popularity has skyrocketed due to her recent appearances on shows like Running Man, I Live Alone, and King of Masked Singers where viewers fell in love with her charming personality, but this upcoming year she will be focusing more on advancing her career through acting. 

Just this past week she began filming for an upcoming MBC drama alongside EXO's Chanyeol (Salut d'Amour). The drama, entitled Missing 9, has undergone several changes throughout production so little else is known about the casting. However, it has been confirm that Lee Sun Bin will be playing the role of Ha Ji Ah, a famous Hallyu actress who suffers from hemolytic anemia, while Park Chanyeol is set to play a playboy K-pop drummer named Lee Yeol. 

Following this drama, Lee Sun Bin is scheduled to participate in a variety of other projects, including her impending girl group debut. Before beginning her acting career, the multitalented rookie was preparing as a K-pop trainee. During this time, she struggled with living alone in Seoul, sometimes even needing to sleep in public saunas or the practice room basements. However after all her hard work, she will finally debut with Wellmade Yedang Entertainment's upcoming girl group. Futher information about the girl group has been kept under wraps, however, it has been confirmed that fellow rookie actress Yoon Seo (Ddanddara) will also debut with this group. 

Lee Sun Bin has a hectic year ahead of her and will need all the support she can get! We, along with her fans, wish her a long, successful career and can't wait to see where the future brings her. 

Wow, Lee Sun Bin will be busy! What do you think of her upcoming plans? Are you excited to see her act alongside EXO's Chanyeol? Will you watch her girl group debut? Let us know in the comments below!


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