2NE1 member and former Roommate Park Bom is so popular that rookie idol rappers are using lyrics to insult her.

So there's this new girl group called A.KOR, and one of their members, Kemy, released a "diss track" (insult song) directed at Park Bom and her so-called drug scandal from a million years ago. Kemy wrote lyrics such as these:

"Drugs accidentally got into your box of jelly? Who ignored the four missing pills? When did the police become so kind?" "After hiding behind your company with a good cover, you will come out when things calm down. This will not ruin your career right?"

I'm not really sure why Kemy is so concerned with Bom and her situation, but she should at least get her facts straight, considering that Bom is simply dealing with an issue having to do with overseas prescriptions. Also, if I were her I'd be worried about my own career being ruined since she wanted to come out of the gate all disrespectful and whatnot, attacking not only a senior artist, but a senior artist in one of the most popular girl groups in Asia.

How do you feel about this rookie Idol bashing Bom in a song?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE