A recent series of photos from the new Korean drama Passionate Love really made my heart flutter! We all know that the sweet looking girl is Seohyun, the maknae of Girls Generation and the young and innocent wife of Jung Yong Hwa in We Got Married (before they decided to leave the show). Although we can go on and on about her charms, the topic at hand is the guy who is helplessly being tended to, Lee Won Geun.

Lee Won Geun, born on June 27, 1991, has been a part of various hit series, such as MBC's The Moon That Embraces the Sun and SBS's Ghost, but he has only performed in smaller roles. This explains why I had no idea where the dude came from! Thankfully, this rookie actor under BH Entertainment might finally get his breakthrough after just a year or two of being in the industry. In Passionate Love, Lee Won Geun will have a chance to flaunt his hidden talent in front of the public while acting alongside top senior actors such as Jun Kwang Ryul and Joo Hyun.

For an example of his charm, you can check out the making of his kiss scene with Seohyun here:

Although updates have been less frequent, you can follow this hunk of an actor via Twitter @lwk_ Make sure to tune into Passionate Love for more of this handsome new actor!