This week it's been revealed that and g.o.d member Park Joon Hyung is dating a flight attendant who is 13 years younger than he is.

The reason we're suddenly hearing about this is that during episode 28 or 29 of Roommate, Joon Hyung told everyone he was seeing someone, so of course people dug around and now more information about his relationship has been outed. Apparently he's been in a relationship with her for a year, and it's been confirmed by an affiliate of his agency.

Park Joon Hyung is 45 years old, so if she's 13 years younger, then that means she's 32. He was quoted saying, "I'm meeting her in a good relationship," and his agency representative stated, "Only they know if they are dating with marriage in mind. As they have a good relationship, please see them in a positive light."

Good for him! Too bad we probably won't get to see her since she's obviously not in the industry. Let's hope their relationship continues to go well! 

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KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE