On MBC’s What a Good Day, Roo’ra’s Kim Ji Hyun looked for her mother. Kim said she hasn’t heard back from her in over a decade! “I heard from someone years ago that my mother works at a restaurant, so I went there to look for her, but she wasn’t there. It was heart wrenching to hear that she isn’t doing well.”

While she was active in Roo’ra, Kim Ji Hyun’s mother went to the U.S. to earn money. During that time, some misunderstandings arose between the two. It was said that Kim Ji Hyun said something very harsh to her mother and because of that, her mother disconnected herself from her own daughter's life.

Kim Ji Hyun added that “When I heard that my mother’s teeth are twisted, I couldn’t sleep well … I don’t know why I did it to my mom. It’s sad because I wished she’d been doing well … I didn’t think of it before but after my father passed away, it occurred to me that I need to look for my mom.”