roy4 The usually cheery Roy Chiu has been seen down in the dumps lately amidst the drama surfacing regarding his breakup with ex-girlfriend Tiffany Tang Yan. On the last day of filming the Chinese drama Wine Beauty (紅酒俏佳人), Roy seemed uncharacteristically somber. The actor, who can usually be seen joking around with the cast and crew, would instead just sit in the shade or fiddle around on his phone. roy3 roy2 roy In case you didn't hear, Roy Chiu and girlfriend of two years Tiffany Tang are apparently broken up. Dating speculations between Roy and his new love interest Lee Yu Fen sparked after the latter was seen visiting Roy during his filming in Shenzhen. However, Roy later denied the dating rumours and revealed that he had broken up with his girlfriend Tiffany in November last year. In response, someone claiming to be Tiffany's personal assistant posted a revealing message and intimate photos on Weibo, insisting that Roy hurt Tiffany. While Roy insisted that he had not contacted Tiffany for seven months, Tiffany’s assistant claimed that he was lying, as the couple met up in October last year to celebrate Roy’s 31st birthday. The assistant also told reporters that Roy has never initiated a breakup with Tiffany, although their relationship became rocky late last year, and that Roy was controlling, verbally abusive, and secretive. With all of the back and forth regarding the relationship, it's no wonder Roy isn't himself! What do you think about the breakup? What happened there? (Source: