How does Roy Chiu contain his excitement for the great news? The popular actor of Marry Me or Not? is actually nominated for Best Actor in two separate categories at Taiwan's Golden Bell Awards. Roy says his mother told him to stay calm, but how can he? Find out more.

Roy Chiu is nominated for Best Actor for the romance drama  Marry Me or Not? in the television series category, and also for ROCK RECORDS IN LOVE in the Mini-Series/TV Movie category. it is quite an honor for the actor who is nominated for the first time to the Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan's equivalent to the Emmy Award for television productions.

Marry Me or Not? received 5 other nominations, including Best Actress for leading lady Alice Ke, Best Supporting Actress Joanna Tseng, Best Television Series, Best Director (Yu Zhong Zhong), and Best Screenwriting.

In the stirring romance of Marry Me or Not?, Roy Chiu plays a confirmed bachelor and divorce lawyer who does not believe in true love. He then runs into Alice Ke and finds her irresistibly attractive as a worthy opponent in the battlefield of love. The couple will practically fight each other at every turn and fall passionately in love. The drama also touches on the frenemy competition between Alice Ke and Joanne Tseng's characters, who used to best friends but became fierce enemies after a misunderstanding.

Many of Roy's fans feel that he should have been nominated for his outstanding performance in Office Girls, the 2011 romcom hit that starred Roy Chiu and Alice Ke. Upon learning about his first nominations this time, Roy said his mother wanted him to stay calm. He reacted by posting "stay calm" 7 times to his FB, and also wished everyone to "stay happy and not get divorced."

Congratulations to Roy Chiu, Alice Ke, Joanne Tseng, and the entire production team of Marry Me or Not? for the nominations. The Golden Bell Awards will be held on October 8 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Check out  Marry Me or Not? if you haven't had a chance:

By the way, Joanna Tseng will star with Aaron Yan in upcoming drama Refresh Man:


Refresh Man - 後菜鳥的燦爛時代

Starring Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng

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