Does he still believe in love? Ever since handsome and charismatic Taiwanese heartthrob Roy Chiu rose to fame in Office Girls, his love life has been on his fans' minds. Now that his new drama Marry Me or Not? is on air, Roy shares with us some of his inner thoughts, coming 2 years after his breakup from Chinese actress Tiffany Tang (Bounty Hunters movie). 

Marry Me or Not? not only marks the reunion of Roy Chiu with his leading lady Alice Ke from Office Girls, it is his first return to the popular Taiwanese romcom genre where Roy rose to fame. The fascinating actor with perfect comedic timing is loved by many fans, but he harbors some experiences in his life that have often made him reluctant to share his inner thoughts. 

1. He went into acting to help his father:

For Roy Chiu, acting wasn't his first choice for his career. He was into sports and was a star volleyball player. He gave up his dream to pick up acting in order to shoulder the huge debt incurred by his father's medical bills. He expresses no regret and says he has accepted acting as his destined profession.

2. His failed real-life love affair with Tiffany Tang:

Actors tend to be very protective about their real life love affairs. So it was after he and Tiffany Tang broke up in 2013 that Roy Chiu officially confirmed that they had dated and hadn't seen each other for a while. The news was all the rage in mainland China and Taiwan. Things finally settled down as a very hurt Tiffany moved on to continue with her acting career, and she is now Lee Min Ho's leading lady in the upcoming Bounty Hunters movie. Roy also has moved on, but for a while he was so moody that reportedly he gave up starring opportunities in two dramas. The love affair with Tiffany Tang remains a sensitive subject Roy declines to discuss.

3. His view on future love:

He would only respond to questions about his love life by saying his ideal type is someone who would prioritize family life over career. He wants kids but is afraid that a marriage will become stale after a while, especially because his own parents are divorced. He also jokingly says that if he meets the right person, he may just jump into a flash wedding without regard for any preset requirements, unlike his character, the divorce lawyer who doesn't believe in true love in Marry Me or Not?

4. No more arranged matchmaking:

On the other hand, he doesn't want to go through matchmaking again. He was recently tricked by his mother into his very first matchmaking experience. He laughingly recalls how he went with his mom to visit a temple. Someone his mom knew, a girl, happened to show up. After they chatted for a while, Roy's mom asked him to take the girl back to her home. He gently declined. He remembers the girl to be very nice, a perfect daughter-in-law type that his mother would like. However, he says, "I don't think love can begin this way."

5. He still believes in true love:

This is probably the most important message we got from Roy Chiu. Yes, he still believes in true love! 

Vive l'Amour!

We certainly wish him the best in love and in acting.

You can watch Marry Me or Not? here:

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