Taiwanese star Roy Chiu (Marry Me or Not? Office Girls) has just lost his father. Fans have been posting consoling messages to Roy's FB, and honoring a special request from the distraught leading man.

Roy Chiu posted the news that his father passed away, and asked his fans not to press "Like".

Roy was brought up by his father and grandmother, after his parents separated when he was only three years old.

His father was a taxi driver. When he suffered a heart attack in 2002, the medical treatments incurred a huge debt. Roy was only 20 years old then, and he decided to enter the entertainment world to make a living and pay for the medical bills.

Despite temper flares between father and son, Roy has remained close with his father. Reportedly Roy has played a role in the reconciliation of his parents during the last few years.

Roy's father was 66 years old when he passed away due to a sudden heart attack. His memorial service was held on November 12. Roy will next travel to Beijing to start a new project.

Here is Roy's FB page. The first post is from Roy about his father's passing. You can leave a personal message to support Roy in this difficult time. Just remember to honor his request not to press "Like".


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