I’m not crying, you’re crying – okay, we were all crying. While we await the last three installments of Goblin: The Lonely and Great God later this week (full schedule here), let us help briefly mend your episode 13 broken heart. Last week, we gave you 13 heart fluttering songs we love from the Goblin OST, and now, here are two new sweet additions by Roy Kim and Kim Yi Ji, and MAMAMOO.

Roy Kim and Kim Yi Ji - "HEAVEN"

“Heaven is in your eyes, Heaven is in your sound,…Heaven is in your kiss even though tears fall down,” Roy Kim and Kim Yi Ji sings in part 12 of the original soundtrack, “HEAVEN.” The music video shows the pair recording in the studio and loving moments between Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun). The song is currently no. 19 on Naver’s domestic music chart.


“LOVE” starts off with a lonely contemplative piano melody that quickly turns around at the 15 second mark with a bright chord, and an “ah ha!” moment. In the jazz-pop release, MAMAMOO sings about being unable to think and sleep clearly due to love. The powerhouse vocal female group currently has two songs in the top 30 domestic chart according to Naver, “LOVE” (no. 18) and their hit from early November 2016, “Decalcomanie” (no. 13).

Did that heal your heart a bit?