It's time to update on Ruby Lin (My Fair Princess). Ruby and husband Wallace Huo (Imperial Doctress) just celebrated their baby's 100-day anniversary, and a new romantic drama with Derek Chang (Prince of Wolf) is in the works. Check out her new photos and the new drama here.

After giving birth to her first baby on January 6, Ruby Lin has finally revealed her pregnancy photos on April 15 in a special post to celebrate her baby daughter's 100 days. The 100-day anniversary is the baby's first significant milestone according to Chinese custom. 

Ruby said in her post, "Missing a little the feeling of having you inside."

Ruby has slimmed down from her pregnancy looks fast. 

This is how the happy new mother looked in January, soon after the baby:

And in early March:

Her comeback drama has already been announced. 

She will co-produce and star in My Boy, with her new leading man to be Derek Chang from Prince of Wolf.

Fans are a bit surprised by the age gap, as Ruby is 41 and Derek is 24. Ruby praised Derek as very flexible, can be both boyish and manly. (Judging from the poster, does Derek play twins?) Derek admitted he started screaming out of excitement when he first heard the news at the dentist's office. The drama is penned by the award-winning scriptwriter Mag Hsu, whose work includes the famous Taiwanese drama In Time With You. Filming is slated to begin in May.

Happy 100-Day Anniversary to Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, and their baby daughter!


Congratulations to Derek Chang, whose career is fast rising ever since Stay With Me and Prince of Wolf, both of which are available on DramaFever:


Prince of Wolf - 狼王子

Starring Derek Chang and Amber An

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