The King sold his soul to the devil for power and now the price has come due. This leaves the Crown Prince with a superpower and a mask. As the Crown Prince starts to take his first baby steps of power he runs afoul of the Pyunsoo Hwe and only realizes his mistake too late. A boy who shares his name and maybe even his face is affected by this mistake, but can anything be done about it? Join Tiara, Firnlambe and me, Wendilynn as we discuss this brand new series co-produced by Dramafever.

Firnlambe: Right……..this week started off strong. That flower has some trippy after effects.

Tiara: Trippy and deadly. I’m not sure I would call this strong. The set up is kind of weak. The King thinking his son wasn’t going to be a puppet to Pyunsoo Hwe is naive.


Wendilynn: Very naive. If you want him to beat the Pyunsoo Hwe, then you sort of need to CLUE HIM IN!!! The big mystery made no point when the boy is old enough to take the crown and get married. Talk about handicapping him against the real threat. He didn’t even know about who owned the water. That should have been basic information he should have been able to pick up on in the palace.

Tiara: Lack of communication is the standard in dramaland. Why should the King help his son defeat the “rebel” group when his son has such a magical horoscope? Of course, the drama isn’t clear if he was born before or after 9 so it is anyone’s guess if he will be able to fulfill his birthright.

Firnlambe: yaaaaaay lack of communication //lamely tossed confetti in the air//. That trope is going to drive me up a wall this time around, at least here in the beginning. I feel like once our SLS starts his role as our Princely Doppelganger the communication will get a little better, at least between the three of them.


Wendilynn: Well, they are bonded with the death of L’s father. F: //sobs uncontrollably// I don’t see either of them letting that one go. I just have to say, does anyone else feel that  L’s acting has seriously improved? I know he started to blossom in My Lovely Girl, but I was totally sold in every moment he was on screen in this.

Tiara: Firnlambe, you can keep your SLS … I don’t have room with  Yoo Seung Ho as Crown Prince and his adorable smile. These two are connected by name and I worried as the Crown Prince gave his seal to Seon. He’s angry over his station in life, but his father being killed is the final straw. However, it was Pyunsoo Hwe who killed his father, maybe he will join hands with the Crown Prince to get rid of them. What is bromance for?

Firnlambe: I….Ok so L was never really high on my “oh hey he’s attractive” list, I mean he has a pretty face don’t get me wrong, but watching him in a rage was extremely entertaining sexy to me. He won’t really be an SLS for me, I hope, but watching my gut prediction come true in regards to how his story is going to be a tragic one, was quite painful.


Wendilynn: Yes, his situation does seem rather tragic. Especially now that they’ve been caught so to speak. I expect Seon holding the jade pendant will make everyone think he’s the crown prince. I’ll be pissed if he’s force fed the poison as the doppelganger. I think that’s what’s going to end up happening and I don’t see our Crown Prince allowing that to fly either. Then you have our big baddie’s granddaughter knowing who the crown prince really is. She seems hesitant to kill him, so will she go along with the doppleganging so save the prince?

Tiara: I was impressed with L’s acting this time around too. He still has a long way to go but he’s gotten so much better. Of course, Seon’s dad was going to die. Horrible deaths are a must in historical dramas. However, it’s a little ridiculous how the Crown Prince is now immune to poison. It’s a shame there wasn’t a radioactive spider around. Then he could really get some superpowers as SpiderPrince. So does this make Seon Batman?

Wendilynn: ROFL!! SpiderPrince and Batman….oh my gosh I’m dying. Lol, The problem I have with him being immune to poison is that if Woo Bo knew that the antidote would create an immunity, shouldn’t Pyunsoo Hwe also know that?


Firnlambe: Honestly I’m taking this plot immunity point with a grain of salt, so I’m just gonna roll with it. In regards to L’s acting, I’m in agreement with you both. It has definitely improved since My Lovable Girl, so I’m looking forward to watching said improvement. Even though I have a feeling my heart is going to bleed for him the entirety of the series //sigh//

Tiara: You would think Wendilynn the group would know all the workings of the poison since they use it all the time. The other outrageous part of the poison is the Crown Prince’s name will glow when he’s been poisoned. Oh okay. So the drama is telling me a radioactive spider is possible right?

Wendilynn: Well, we have an edible flower that holds poison and creates a glowing poison scar. So why the hell not? Lol

Firnlambe: It’s like I’ve said all these years….Joseon Black Magic. It knows no bounds.

Tiara: You know I’ll be watching for any bugs. I was hopefully when I saw the lightning bugs, but it was just screen time for our leads to have a staring contest. Shame … however, Hwa Goon will probably poison someone in the next episode. Either the Crown Prince or Ga Eun. Am I the only one who can’t stand her? I mean anytime I see her smile I get a violent tendency to want to slap her.


Firnlambe: RAAAAAAGE!!! OMG ok sorry //tone it back Firn// Hwa Goon is going to drive me batty. Absolutely batty. First, there was her initial reaction when she was caught by the Crown Prince...I mean who stabs someone like that? Next is just her smug attitude. It’s going to cause so many problems down the line. Particularly now that she knows her dear Crown Prince is infatuated with Ga Eun and hasn’t looked at her once since their brief interlude in the greenhouse.

Wendilynn: I’m with you guys on not liking Hwa Goon but I’m willing to hold judgment. She could blow this whole thing wide open and yet, our Crown Prince and Doppelganger will at least live long enough to double each other. So, maybe she’ll fall in love in a good way with one of them. Hey… it could happen. Ga Eun will probably get Crown Prince, so maybe Seon gets Hwa Goon? We’ll need her help to pull off the switch at things stand right now.

Tiara: Wendilynn, I love your hopefulness. It would be great to see these four work together to bring down Pyunsoo Hwe, but I’m not so sure these four will be the best of friends. Hwa Goon is the granddaughter behind Pyunsoo Hwe. She has no reason to betray her family. She’s got more reason to tell them she’s marked the real Crown Prince. Yet, I get the feeling the group won’t care which of the Sun’s are on the throne as long as they can control one.

RMMe4  kill.jpg

Firnlambe: Personally I don’t understand how that mark is lasting this long. Did her shiny stabby stab have ink on it? //shakes head// at least she isn’t clueing the family in just yet….so there’s that at least.

Wendilynn: I think her jealousy at the crown prince passing her for Ga Eun will give us problems, but I just don’t see this working without her help. UNLESS she helps poison Seon as the fake crown prince so they think they control the crown and then she sets herself up to be his queen. Something like that. ARGH!! Historical dramas give me an ulcer. Nobody is safe and death could happen at any moment.

Firnlambe: Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever be able to bring myself to like Hwa Goon in the long run. I know it’s only week 1, but my drama gut is screaming //DANGER DANGER DANGER// whenever her smiling face comes on screen.

Tiara: It’s only a matter of time before everything blows up in the Crown Prince’s face. Ga Eun’s dad is next on the list to be killed. I’m curious to learn more about Ga Eun. She’s very intelligent on a lot of different subjects as she’s been learning from Teacher Woo Bo. Will she become the Crown Prince’s Oracle after she gets over her act of revenge?

Wendilynn: She’s lovely and intelligent and she’s got medical knowledge. Maybe that helps us deal with the poison issue down the road? I’m really glad to see Kim So Hyun in this role. I think she’ll match Seung Ho beautifully. Both are strong actors and I think both will give us as good as they can get.


Firnlambe: Agreed. It’s going to be interesting watching this love triangle (square?) over the course of the series. So much acting talent in one enclosed space….but then I’ve always like watching So Hyun in a historical setting, so I’m a bit biased. If she doesn’t end up with Seung Ho with the chemistry they have going on from just staring at each other I’ll be miffed.

Tiara: I love the interaction between So Hyun and Seung Ho. They’ve got the chemistry and I can’t wait for the love storyline to develop more. The Crown Prince definitely has a crush. He may not have been ready to talk marriage with his dad earlier in the episodes, but after he meets Ga Eun he’s ready to start the talks.

Wendilynn: The chemistry between our four leads is really good. The greenhouse scene was good. The boys fighting together worked really well. Ga Eun and the Crown Prince scenes are awesome. I think we’ve got a compelling foursome who will ultimately give us a lot of good stuff to watch. And I agree with you, if he gets to marry Ga Eun, he’ll start those talks himself. lol 

Our boys are surrounded with arrows pointed at them.   While our Crown Prince wears the mask,  Lee Seon is carrying the jade seal.  Only Hwa Goon can confirm who the real Crown Prince is for her grandfather.  Will one of these boys find themselves poisoned?  Tell us what you think will happen next in the comments below. 

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