Kim So Hyun is picture perfect!

The Ruler: Master of the Mask actress proves she is gorgeous in any century with the release of one of her behind-the-scenes photos. The 17 year-old star is the official South Korean model for the Norwegian shoe brand  Skono, and she shared one of the BTS images from one of her recent photo shoots on Instagram. Whether it's the 18th century Joseon era or 2017, Kim So Hyun is a natural beauty with no filter necessary. In her recent still, she holds a pink rose up to her face as she shyly gazes up at the camera.

Skono chose the young actress to be their model this past winter because of her clean cut image. She started modeling for them around the same time she wrapped up her guest starring Goblin role. Now that she is starring in Ruler: Master of the Mask, Kim is juggling full-time acting, modeling and school work all at the same time.

After watching her first week on Ruler, do you feel she doing a good job balancing work and school? How would you rate her portrayal of Han Ga Eun?

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Image Credit: Kim So Hyun's Instagram


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