The Crown Prince has been very busy consolidating his information and power base and now sees an opportunity to act. Will he toss his hand with the Dowager Queen who hated him when he lived in the palace or find another alliance to help bring down the Pyunsoo Hwe? The Dowager has plans of her own and is trying to recruit Ga Eun to her cause. Poor Lee Seon’s life is hell and all he wants is his friend back, but she thinks he killed her father. Allies come with secrets of their own. Will the boys find a way to win with everyone lining up to take them out? Join Tiara, Firnlambe and me, Wendilynn, as we discuss the newest alliances in Ruler: Master of the Mask.


Ruler: Master of the Mask

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun

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Firnlambe: I am in a massive vortex of conflicting feelings after this week guys. Particularly when it comes to our Head Merchant. Just when I think she may really be 100% in our Prince’s court she goes and saves her father. Then just when I think she will do everything she can to keep him safe, she sees him protect Ga Eun. She’s a ticking time bomb and it makes my drama heart hurt trying to guess when she’ll get set off.

Tiara: That is a great way to describe Hwa Goon. I don’t completely trust her and yet I hoped for better treatment for her character. I worried this jealousy of hers would turn her into the KDrama trope of the evil second female lead. Clearly, the drama is heading that direction and it's such a shame for Hwa Goon. She could’ve been interesting with her want to help the Crown Prince, but her connection to Pyunsoo Hwe. Kind of like the devil and angel on your shoulder.


Wendilynn: I don’t know if it's clear that she will turn evil on us, but I think all of us are just waiting for that moment because we know she can’t have the Crown Prince’s heart. Will she stay true to him or not? Will Lee Seon stay true if he thinks he can keep Ga Eun? There’s another interesting question. When he realizes the Dowager Queen is out to get him, will that be the final straw that makes him side completely with the Pyunsoo so he can keep Ga Eun? We have so much potential for disaster and yet, I really like all these characters. I am totally pulled into their story and can’t wait for more episodes. I want to see who the Gisaeng is working for. I want to know if Grandpa will figure out his granddaughter is betraying him. I want to know if Lee Seon will find a way to be a real king and I would really like to see these boys meet so that the Crown Prince can acknowledge all the hell that Seon is going through. This boy deserves some serious karma payback. I admit I will be pissed if he doesn’t get SOMETHING good out of this.

Firnlambe: Noooooo, don’t place those thoughts in my brain. Lee Seon will be saved...or I’ll go into a depressed state. I really want that bromance to come back, and I agree that he deserves something for his troubles. I’d be happy if he was able to just go home and see his family again. Particularly Wiggle since he’s only seen her as a baby. Speaking of...anyone else LOVING the fact that Wiggle is owning the mini-matchmaker role that she’s carved out for herself? Because I am.


Tiara: Wiggle is my favorite hands down. I love that she just comes out and ask the Crown Prince to court her sister. It’s adorable and I want more movement like this. Seon’s situation truly sucks and I do hope he will get a HEA. Wendilynn you make a good point and connection between Hwa Goon and Seon. The only difference is Seon doesn’t know the Crown Prince is still alive. Seon has feelings for Ga Eun, but he’s never acted on them. I could see him joining hands with Pyunsoo Hwe down the road for Ga Eun, but if he gives in to them for the heart of a girl I don’t see this any better than a jealous female second lead. I would rather him want to be a true King for the right reasons and maybe to save himself.

Wendilynn: Well, as long as his life is on the line because of the poison, his situation is precarious at best. I really want to see Ga Eun learn the truth and find a cure. Lol, I want that story so badly. I want this boy free. But, if he gets greedy, we’re in trouble. I also love Wiggle. She is such a little charmer. I got the feeling that just about everybody loved the way that little girl is delivering her lines. You can see them all laugh despite themselves.

Firnlambe: Truth. It’s always fun to watch the child actor steal the spotlight. I'm going to divert us back to the Gisaeng. I honestly wasn’t expecting her reach to be as far as it seems to be. I kind of got the impression that the Crown Prince has an inkling as to who they may or may not be, but personally, I’m clueless. I have no idea who her mystery backer maybe and it’s driving me up a wall.


Tiara: The question is which side is the Gisaeng on. She knows Boss is the Crown Prince as she told the mystery man. I’m wondering if there is a secret group hiding in the shadows or could she be working for the Dowager Queen? Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns out to be a double agent. Going back to Ga Eun, I’m glad the Dowager Queen told her the reason behind her father’s death. If only the Crown Prince would tell Ga Eun the truth, she wouldn’t be putting herself into dangerous situations.

Wendilynn: Communication in a kdrama? We can’t have that. Lol I think it’s a given she’s going to join the Dowager Queen out of a sense of revenge, but what does she do when she sees it’s her childhood friend behind the mask?

Firnlambe: Pass out? Break down into tears? Honestly, that’s what I’d end up doing. I kind of hope Lee Seon doesn’t get revealed until right before or right after the Crown Prince meets up with him again. I have a feeling that Ga Eun wouldn’t be able to keep silent that he’s alive when it comes to his family. They’ve waited too long for him.


Tiara: Ga Eun finding out Seon is behind the mask of the King would leave her asking a million and one questions for him. It’s understandable why he hasn’t told her, but asking her to grow plants in his greenhouse puts a target on her. I wouldn’t put it past Pyunsoo Hwe to try to use her just like how the Dowager Queen is attempting on doing too. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Dowager Queen. She’s got guts and is one tough lady. Just how long it will take her to realizes the Boss is the real Crown Prince. She had her suspicions about the Crown Prince after the King die.

Wendilynn: I think we’re going to find all of our characters between a rock and a hard place eventually. They beat the money printing problem, but now that Grandpa has been seriously inconvenienced and the enemy who knows him best is back in government…. He’s not going to just sit still.

Tiara: That’s true. I don’t see Gramps letting this go lightly. I mean he even demoted his own son for his failures. It does seem like a win for Team Crown Prince. They have Woo Bo back in the government blocking the Pyunsoo Hwe for gaining new positions. Nobody is perfect for the job but Woo Bo. I just want to see Gramps and the Professor glare at each other.


Firnlambe: That will certainly be the showdown of the episode when that finally happens. Grandpa is going to have his hands full between his granddaughter trying to protect the prince and then Woo Bo stepping into that government position. Hopefully, Woo Bo is able to stay strong with his conviction of working for the people firmly in place. It won’t do any good to have him become weak in the face of the wolf he accidentally raised.

Wendilynn: I just don’t see how the Pyunsoo would allow such an important position go to someone not under their control. I realize the Queen also has power, but I’m still waiting to see exactly how he gets that position. I can’t see it going smoothly. Not for such an important position. The job of deciding who works in the palace? You don’t just let that position go to the enemy.

Tiara: A petition to the King will probably happen, but I think the Pyunsoo Hwe will have their hands full. Wait until the Dowager Queen pardons Ga Eun’s father. Gramps might be angry now but just might turn into the Hulk after what the Queen as planned. 

One Lee Seon lives in hell, the other is trying to stop hell from existing in the first place.  Will they be able to overcome everyone who stands in theri way without losing themselves?  Tell us what you think in the comments below. 

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