Dramafever has teamed up to bring us mother coproduction. This time is Ruler: Master of the Mask with the great acting of Yoo Seung HoKim Myung SooKim So Hyun and Yoon So Hee. I'll recap the episodes that come every Wednesday and Thursday for you, accompanied by some gift-set for the beginning, middle and end of each episode. I hope you enjoy them.

Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 1 & 2

The story begins telling us about Pyunsoo Hwe, an organisation with great power and money that want to control Joseon. They have managed to make the Crown Prince join them in their exchange for their help to become the next king, keeping a hold of him through the administration of controlled poison throughout his lifetime to stay alive, like this gaining control of the kingdom.

The king regrets his choices, but he is metaphorically chained. Even years later, he cannot fight them, his only choice and hope is his son. The horoscope promises a great future for the baby, if and only if, he's born between 9pm and 11pm. With great sacrifice, the concubine mother holds until that time, saving the future of their son. Delighted, the king names the baby boy Lee Sun, hoping he'll be the future of Joseon and will fight the Pyunsoo Hwe.


But all joy is ephemeral as the Pyunsoo Hwe learns how the King refuses to give them the access to water. In retribution, Pyunsoo Hwe attacks the Crown Prince, poisoning him at such early age. Devastated and desperate as the doctors can offer no real solution, they call for a scholar whose advice is to contact the ones who poisoned the baby Crown Prince, as they must be in possession of the antidote. 

As there is no other option to save his son, the King goes to see the Pyunsoo Hwe to demand the antidote. Obviously, Elder Dae Mok refuses to unless the king grants total access to privatise the waters of Joseon. He agrees in order to obtain the antidote and grants them the rights to the water.

In a rush, the King runs to his baby son but he finds the scholar and the concubine crying the death of the Crown Prince. Desolated, the King doesn't give up and still gives him the antidote while crying. The mother takes the baby back to keep crying, until suddenly there's noise. Miraculously, the baby has fought the poison and created a stronger defence mechanism against any other poison.

After this blessing, the King increases the protection around the Crown Prince, hiding his face from everyone except the royal guard, his mother and the king. Anyone else who happens to see his face must be killed, and this is how he starts wearing a mask since young age.

The crown prince grows up a sheltered life, his face a secret to the kingdom, with rumours about his disfigured face. The only place the crown prince takes off his mask is in his greenhouse, where nobody is allowed to go inside. But the young prince is lonely and doesn't understand why he has to live hiding his face.

The Queen, not the crown prince's mother, has called for a guest whom she is considering to marry the crown prince. The king has mentioned this to the prince but the young man shows no interest if his future wife can't see his face either. Lady Kim Hwa Goon is the granddaughter of Elder Dae Mok and she has no interest in becoming a mere crown princess.

That until she goes into the greenhouse, meeting someone who she doesn't think of any importance, but he happens to be Crown Prince himself. When one of the eunuchs comes for him, he hides the young lady to save her life. She defends herself, pinching the crown prince on his neck, marking him like that, yet he still urges her to stay quiet. 


She escapes the greenhouse but she's discovered and almost killed if not for the crown prince who comes to save her, pretending he wasn't inside. However, she spots the mark behind his ear she left and she puts the pieces together, becoming the first person to see his face outside the allowed three.

Lady Kim doesn't reveal she now knows what the prince looks like, and she claims to be interested in the prince, yet she doesn't say much, protecting him.

Meanwhile, the crown prince gets information about the scholar who knows more about any medicine than any other person. Scholar Moo Bo doesn't accept money or anything, he lives poorly now, but rare books will get him to talk. That is how the crown prince sets his mind to meet this scholar, but his plans are ruined somehow when the king asks him to come with him for the ritual.

With his own eyes, the crown prince sees how the people react to his mask, with rejection, fear and other negative emotions. appealed, the prince only grows more anxious and uncomfortable, desperate to understand his health condition. In this desperation, he runs away, forcing the eunuch to keep his eyes closed and dress as him.

Outside and free for the first time, the crown prince goes in an adventure to find Scholar Moo Bo.

For the first time we get to see Lady Han Ga Eun, a lovable young and beautiful lady who helps everyone in need and doesn't exactly act very lady like. She's pure and beautiful and I give her my heart already.

We also get to see a young man who works delivering water under the Pyunsoo Hwe, the ones who have increased the prices for water as the public wells dry up. It's with this young man of short temper (yet so beautiful… not that I'm biased of anything) that the crown prince gets in trouble with as he tried to help a dehydrated kid. He doesn't know nor understands why things are like this. As the young man demands for the money for water, the other civilians start complaining and attacking the water delivery boys. A big fight breaks out, with the people stealing water. The crown prince is shocked and tries to stop them, to no avail, until one of the members of the Pyunsoo Hwe comes to take control. By taking control I mean killing the people involved. The man shoots arrows, one hitting the crown prince. He is saved by the power of knowledge, the book blocking the arrow. Like this he can stand up and run away, with the angry men chasing him. 


In his desperate escape, The crown prince trips and falls into the arms of Lady Han. The episode ends with the male lead falling the arms of the female lead for a change. 

The story is interesting and the prince is destined to fight a great enemy. Are you already hooked with the story? I definitely am.I'll be back soon to recap the next episodes. 

Until then.


Ruler: Master of the Mask

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun

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