Episodes 10 and 11 of Ruler: Master of the Mask show us a more grownup and mature Prince Sun, someone who knows how to deal with people and get what he wants. A man of values and honor. He's grown so well. I'll recap these episodes before the new ones come out.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 11 & 12

The episode starts with an older Crown Prince, now the Boss of all pack carriers, sparring with Chung Woon and defeating his dear friend before they are notified of a situation with the Pyunsoo Hwe. Obviously, they go to investigate and that’s what we saw already when Ga Eun and the other two pack carriers were captured. Heroic as they are, the two men jump in and stop the other men before they can kill the poor victims. They help the pack carriers and Ga Eun escape, former Prince Sun takes Ga Eun with him while Chung Woon fights the arrows.


They manage to escape and Boss’ face is exposed. She recognises him as Chun Soo, but he denies such claims and part ways with her.

Prince Sun is received with bows and appreciation before he goes to a meeting with the other pack carriers. He noticed how the Pyunsoo Hwe were gathering copper and asks about it, but for a while already it’s been really difficult to get the mineral. There’s clearly something fishy there.

With the other two pack carriers, Ga Eun arrives to town and asks for Boss, surprised to find out it’s the same man that saved her. She still thinks he is Chun Soo, but he insists she’s mistaken. Even if he wants to ignore her injured condition, he can’t and ends up giving her shoes while telling her to share with him what brought her there.

Later, Chung Woon asks him why he doesn't tell everything to Ga Eun, but he just won’t, yet he’s still relieved she’s been fairly well. Ga Eun heads out for a walk and ends up in front of Prince Sun. He asks if he really resembles Chun Soo, to which she affirms and speaks of him dearly, admitting he’s her first love and someone she yearns for. Then they jump to business and she insists she’ll go with him to see how he solves the problem for the merchants.

At the palace, one of the ministers talks with the Dowager Queen, worried how the prince always agrees to all requests from Dae Mok. Well, it turns out those requests come marked so the fake king cannot do anything but agree. Except… when it comes one request to punish people who stole water form the Yangsucheong. This is the same case as his father, so Lee Sun becomes furious and orders all those people to be set free.

The Queen is the happiest, thinking he’s finally showing virtue and tells him to continue like that. However, disobeying Dae Mok means he could not give Lee Sun one of the deadly flowers he needs to keep living. As a warning, Dae Mok tells the young king to be clever and not get in the way of the Pyunsoo Hwe anymore.

Overcome with grief and despair, Lee Sun tries to jump down the same cliff where the real prince died, but he is stopped by a guard who’s grateful for saving his father. Lee Sun realises someone like him saved one person but cries because the real prince could’ve done more.


Chung Woon, the prince and Ga Eun head to meet with the big merchants. She asks the prince if he wants to be the most famous person in Joseon, and he accepts that, saying he needs to be so famous that his name reaches his friend in the palace.

They make it to where all the big merchants have met, and one of those merchants is Hwa Goon, who has succeeded without help of anyone. And for the first in five years, Prince Sun shows in front of her who immediately recognises him.

Knowing how to persuade people, Prince Sun tells them that if they don’t help the small merchants now, they’ll be Pyunsoo Hwe’s next target. Without anything but his speech, he persuades them to help the small merchants and that’s how Ga Eun comes back to the village to share the good news. The poor villagers are grateful of the Boss, because thanks to him they can pay their debts and survive.

In exchange for the big merchants’ help, the Boss needs to find out why the Pyunsoo Hwe is doing this so suddenly. After asking this, Hwa Goon can see for herself the cold way the prince treats Ga Eun. Hwa Goon asks Gon to finds out more about the crown prince and how he’s been living, realising she has to be clever and approach him differently if she doesn’t want him to disappear again.

Moo Ha has finally got Ga eun a way to enter the palace and meet the doctor there to provide herbs, so after so many years Ga Eun sets foot in the palace. Her meeting goes well and when she’s leaving she sees the greenhouse, remembering the prince’s mother’s words, she intents to find what she buried there, but in that moment the king comes. She looks at him with resentment.

The king, Lee Sun, has asked the guard that stopped him to find out about his family and is delighted with the news, knowing Ga Eun has been looking after his mother and little sister. The guard asks him why he doesn’t visit his family, and he says it’s to protect them from Dae Mok.

Dae Mok has found out about the Boss and orders to find out more about him. Said Boss is consulting Woo Bo. Together they realise Dae Mok is trying to take all the money so there’s a need for more and they can get the right to print money, and that’s why they are getting their hands on copper. Prince Sun realises he needs to get copper too, and for that they’ll need to go to the Japanese territory.

Prince Sun asks help to Hwa Goon, finally recognising her from long ago. She promises to help and even introduce him to someone who speaks Japanese and is versed in their ways, who happens to be her.

Prince Sun, Chung Woon and Woo Bo go for Moo Ha, asking him to help in exchange to become a counsellor. In his drunk stupor, he stamps the contract and is carried with them to the Japanese territory. There, when he finds out maybe pirates are involved, he tries to leave until he sees the most famous poet performing. Love at first sight. This performer wears a bracelet that gets the attention of the prince.

Before Hwa Goon comes back with information, the prince notices Dae Mok’s son has come to the same location, which means they are in the right place. He protects Hwa Goon and explains the Pyunsoo Hwe are the dark cloud he needs to investigate.

That’s how late at night someone sneaks in Hwa Goon’s father room, checking on the map he received and stealing money before the prince enters to do the same. They face each other and it ends up in a silent fight, until the prince realises the other intruder is the famous poet, recognising her bracelet.


Someone new has appeared, and that's interesting. I wonder if the bracelet means something… I can't wait to see how the story continues. Thankfully, episodes 13 & 14 come on Wednesday! 

Until then!


Ruler: Master of the Mask

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun

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