Before the new episodes of Ruler: Master of the Mask come out, I'll recap episodes 13 & 14 so all the key events are fresh in your mind.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 13 & 14

Episode 13 begins with Prince Sun and Chung Woon getting ready to sneak inside Master Kim’s room, Crown Prince Sun finding another person already inside. The silent fight takes place until one falls, awaking the man who immediately cries for guards. The other thief, the lady poet from before, throws the money she had stolen to the prince and runs away. The prince runs after, throwing the money at Chung Woon who just drops it and runs in another direction, to distract the guards. Sadly, the prince loses the lady poet while Chung Woon accidentally reveals his face to Moo Ha, who recognises him as the crown prince’s bodyguard five years ago.

Moo Ha demands to know who they are and Chung Woon tries to hide the prince’s identity, but moved by his guilt, the young man confesses. Moo Ha is obviously distraught to find the king is an impostor and this young man doesn’t seem to have grown up, but Prince Sun gets to his knees and finally apologises for causing Ga Eun’s father’s death with his reckless actions.


Recalling the last request Deputy Magistrate Han asked him, Moo Ha bows to help Prince Sun, who is happy and grateful for that. So they discuss the reasons why the Pyunsoo Hwe wants the copper and how to get themselves their hands on that.

Meanwhile, Dae Mok is collecting information regarding the Boss of pack travellers, trying to decide if the young man is someone he needs on his side or someone he needs to get rid of.

Ga Eun is with Lee Sun’s mother and sister, talking about the Boss, until she remembers what the crown prince’s mother told her before dying. Next time she’s in the palace, she gives the guards of the green house some medicine that makes them go to the toilet so she can sneak in, but before she can properly step inside, a guard stops her. The king is behind. He asks her to turn around and when he recognises her, he stops everyone from harming her and makes her go inside. Lee Sun doesn’t confess who he really is, although he almost does it, and he even pretends not to know her, which means the king doesn’t remember killing her father. Later he realises that and how that must’ve hurt her.

Lee Sun asks his guard to find out what she was doing in palace. Later at night he comes to report the deal she has delivering medicinal herbs. The guard advises him to tell her the truth, and wishful Lee Sun talks of the joy and relief it would give him to be honest with Ga Eun. When he asks his guard if he could make Ga Eun come, the guard accepts gladly.

Back to the real Crown Prince, they are still having meetings regarding the reason for the Pyunsoo Hwe to get the copper and how to ruin their plans. Meanwhile, the other side is planning how to fix the situation after the map was stolen, and how to catch the people behind this.

Moo Ha, Chung Woon and the prince sneak in once again to find evidence, and when they have found some records that would help, their enemy is outside so they can’t leave. Moo Ha trips and falls, alerting the men outside. If they can’t escape, they’ll be caught. But thankfully, the lady poet suddenly shows up in the room, telling them about a secret passage to the sea, and takes them with her. Outside, Lady Kim is waiting.

Now they have the lady poet as an ally and they work on a plan together to stop the Pyunsoo Hwe.

Meanwhile, Dae Mok is making sure to put pressure on the King regarding the economy of Joseon, with a lack of coins. The king approves and orders The Ministry of Finance to make coins, but they don’t have enough copper, which means they would have to ask the Pyunsoo Hwe for it. The Ministry of War talks to the Dowager Queen about it, and she insists they need to stop Dae Mok and get their hands on copper themselves.

The lady poet and Lady Kim spread the rumours that there’s a royal official investigating, so they make the Navy Commander get interested. He follows Moo Ha and his two other companions, ending up in front of them.


Moo Ha acts as a secret royal inspector and asks for his help for justice.

The Pyunsoo Hwe are trying to save their exchange, while Prince Sun asks Moo Ha not to tell Ga Eun, trying to protect her. Lady Kim hears that and realises the reason he faked not to know her was because he was worried about her. Probably impulsed by that hurt, she asks Gon to save her father when the prince tries to capture him.

The next day, the prince and Chung Woon are waiting in the indicated place, but the exchange is taking place not exactly there. Moo Ha makes his appearance, telling them to stop. They belittle him until he calls for backup: the navy. The fight breaks loose. Master Kim and Jo Tae Ho run away, trying to escape that chaos. But Prince Sun and Chung Woon are waiting for them and fight them, the body guard jumping in to fight them. It seems Chung Woon will win until Gon shows up, giving room for the other two to escape. Lady Kim is waiting for them with horses and she cuts herself to pretend she fought against them.

Concerned for her, Prince Sun lets them escape and worries about her, who is more hurt for betraying him by helping her father. In her head, as she leans on him, she promises to never betray him again.

With the copper, the group lead by the prince head back to the capital. It seems the lady poet will join them there eventually. The happiest is the infatuated Moo Ha. 

I ship them.

Back in town, Lady Kim goes to see her father, comforting him and advising him to go and be honest instead of trying to hide the truth from Dae Mok. He doesn't suspect her, though.

Prince Sun goes to see Woo Bo, telling him about his plan to join hands with the queen against the Pyunsoo Hwe. Later, he finds out Tae Ho is going after Ga Eun, thinking she ratted them out. Brave as she is, she talks back and claims she didn’t say anything, but now she should. Tae Ho is about to strike her when someone stops him: the king’s guard. He’s come to take Ga Eun to see the king as he’s requested for her.

Prince Sun doesn’t make it in time, she is gone but safe. However, Lee Sun's mother recognises him as Master Chun Soo.

In the green house, the king shows up and instead of saying the truth, he asks her to make any request, he’ll grant her. The only thing Ga Eun wants is to reinstate her father’s honour, but that’s something Lee Sun can’t do. Disappointed and hurt, she tries to leave but to keep her around, he asks her to take care of the green house and she accepts, but walks away.


Outside the palace, Prince Sun is waiting for Ga Eun.

The power battle is getting more heated, and we still have a long time to go so brace yourself. I'll be back to recap the next episodes soon and we'll be ready for this week's episodes.

Until then!


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