Tomorrow new episodes of Ruler: Master of the Mask come out, and to be prepared for this, I will recap episodes 15 and 16 for you all.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 15 & 16

The episode starts as we saw on episode 14, Lee Sun offering Ga Eun anything, but the girl asks for her father’s honour, which is something he can’t give her. Obviously, Lee Sun is upset he cannot do anything for her and that his powerless hurts her deep.

Outside, Prince Sun was waiting for her, asking if everything is fine, if Tae Ho has bothered her again. Out of chivalry, he escorts her back home, but while she confronts him regarding if he truly isn’t Master Chun Soo, Wiggly, Lee Sun’s sister, shows up, not amused with the man near her eonni.


Wiggly is working as matchmaker, apparently, trying to deal with the romantic tribulations of her eonni. It’s both cute and funny. The young man escapes before Wiggly marries him off to Ga Eun. That little girl is a fearsome thing to behold, and I adore her.

Dowager Queen has found out the king brought a girl to the greenhouse, so obviously she orders to find out more about that girl. Dae Mok also finds out about that and asks for the same thing, but he suspects it’s someone that was close to Lee Sun when he was just a peasant.

Talking about Dae Mok, Master Kim has come with the bad news. The elder is furious and orders him to get the copper back unless he wants to step down of his position in the Pyunsoo Hwe.

The Minister of War comes to the queen to tell her how the copper is on the way, obviously she asks him to get it, but he’s scared that if he does that. Dae Mok will kill him. He’s weighting his options when someone drops to pay a visit: the Boss.

Boss comes to offer the option to deliver the copper to them within two weeks. When the Minister doubts, Boss muses out loud doing the same deal with Dae Mok, and that works to push the minister to tell the queen about it. The queen asks if the Boss is someone to be trusted, and according to rumours, he is someone who keeps his words, so the minister advises her to trust him. In exchange, Boss has asked for a position in the ministry. The queen gives the order to proceed.

Prince Sun didn’t want that position to control personnel for himself, he would be too exposed and Dae Mok did see his face, he wants that position for Woo Bo, but the man refuses.

Ga Eun is preparing herbs at home when the guard comes to pick her up. Wiggly wants her to give something to the king to get on his good side (such a clever girl), but Ga Eun refuses. However, the guard, knowing Lee Sun would love something from his little sister, takes it and promises to give it to the King.

In the greenhouse, Lee Sun asks her once again if there’s anything else she’d want, but Ga Eun doesn’t change her answer. She wants to know why he cannot do it and he replies that for now he cannot answer, but one day he will and asks her to wait. He feels so hurt for not being able to give her that.

As Ga Eun is leaving the palace, the queen’s court lady comes for her, as the queen wants to see her. The queen asks for her family and Ga Eun answers her that her father was beheaded five years ago, that’s why the queen, knowing this girl is important for the king, calls him. In front of him, the queen informs she’ll return her father’s honour. Ga Eun is thankful and realises the queen isn’t like the king at all.

Said queen tells the king she did that for him, knowing that he wants to keep her around so she’s planning on making Ga Eun court lady, just for him. She is willing to do anything for the king, so he will let go of the Pyunsoo Hwe and take her hand instead. In exchange, she asks him to delay the decision to mint coins.

At the possibility of having Ga Eun by his side, Lee Sun really considers it, even if it means he could die as the Pyunsoo Hwe might not give him the poison. Still, the young king fakes illness and stays in bed, delaying the meetings. The Pyunsoo Hwe threatens him to not give him the poison until he approves the right for the Pyunsoo Hwe to mint coins. Still, the king resists.

Master Kim and Tae Ho go to the dock were Chung Woon and Moo Ha are unloading the copper, and although they fight, they cannot defeat the Pyunsoo Hwe… not that they really try.

The king cannot postpone it any longer, and although extremely sick due to the lack of poison, he carries the meeting. It looks like he won’t be able to stop the Pyunsoo Hwe, but when he’s about to allow the group to mint coins, Woo Bo makes his entrance to report on how copper was being stolen for pseudo pirates and that’s why they don’t have. The good news is, the copper was rescued and delivered to the ministry of finance. The king sends someone to confirm, and the minister finds Boss delivering copper while Master Kim and Tae Ho realise they were tricked. Ha!

With copper in their hands, the king orders the ministry of finance to mint coins.


The king is severely ill, but right tin time, he is handed poison to keep him alive. Meanwhile, the queen is delighted their plan worked out and relieved the Boss kept his word. The one who isn’t happy is Dae Mok who makes his son step down as leader of the Pyunsoo Hwe and channels all his rage towards the Boss.

Boss comes to see the queen, she’s shocked for how much he resembles the late king when he was young, but puts that thought aside to focus on the conversation. Boss tells her his plan to put Woo Bo in charge of the personnel so he’ll gather people to fight the Pyunsoo Hwe. Understanding he’s an ally, they do join hands against the Pyunsoo Hwe.

Woo Bo is back in the palace and so is Moo Ha, who now is an level four official. They get drunk to celebrate, and in his drunkness, Woo Bo tells Prince Sun how big of a fool he is regarding Ga Eun, and promises he’ll marry her to someone better.

Alone with Chung Woon, they talk. Well, they argue, trying to take the guilt from Ga Eun’s father from one another. Chung Woon asks him if he’s really willing to lose Ga Eun, and the prince answers he cannot live without her.

Talking about Ga Eun, the queen asks her to become a court lady and help her. She’s planning to unseat the king, and she needs someone to be her eyes and ears. The queen gives Ga Eun time to think before an answer.

The next day, Prince Sun goes to see Ga Eun, but she basically rejects him, not wanting his worry if he isn’t Chun Soo. She cries, telling herself that Master Chun Soo probably forgot all about her.

Da Mok sends men to kill the Boss as he heads to a meeting with the big merchants. Meanwhile, a court lady informs someone, it sounds like one of the ministers, that the crown prince is alive.

Ga Eun goes home and enters the room where Wiggly is sleeping, finding a drawing of the necklace Chun Soo gave her five years ago. She awakes Wiggly to asks about it and she tells Boss had that necklace.

And off she goes.

Lady Kim is waiting eagerly for Boss at the meeting, but Lady Poet arrives to Hansung. Moo Ha will be happy. But there’s no time for meeting when Gon tells Hwa Goon that Dae Mok sent assassins. They run to save the young prince.

As the prince is on his way with Chung Woon, and before Hwa Goon makes it to him, Ga Eun finds him and asks him, for the last time, whether he truly isn’t Master Chun Soo. He doesn’t have time to answer when the assassins attack, so the two men fight for their lives, Prince Sun protecting Ga Eun, even getting cut by a sword. Hwa Goon watches with jealous eyes and worry, so she sends up a flare, making many more men to come, and scaring the assassins.

While Hwa Goon scolds the men her grandfather sent for humiliating her by attacking her guest, the wounded prince is taken to Woo Bo. Luckily, it wasn’t a big injury.

Tae Eun stays taking care of him, finding the necklace. He wakes up, apologising for faking not recognising her. He reassures her that he never forgot about her, he was just protecting her, but now he truly promises that he’ll never let her go again. While he pulls her to him, she remembers the queen’s request to become a court lady.


Aww, just when he opens his arms to her, she needs to repay her debt to the queen. At the end, if she does become a court lady, it'll be for the real king but that's not something she'll find out yet.

The new episodes come tomorrow, so wait patiently and I'll see you all soon for another recap.

Until then!


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