Before new episodes of Ruler: Master of the Mask, I'll recap episodes 19 and 20 so you have the important events fresh in your memory. Te battle between Prince Sun and the Pyunsoo Hwe is only halfway there.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 19 & 20

The episode starts with Ga Eun getting ready to enter the palace as she recalls the reasons why she needs to help the queen to dethrone the king. She says her goodbyes to Wiggly and turns her back to Prince Sun. The young man cannot understand how she could leave like that, without even a note or anything. He decides he'll go get her back no matter what, but Woo Bo manages to make him realise he cannot do it now, and Ga Eun chose that, she wasn't obliged. 


The queen introduces the new court lady to the king, for which he is happy. She tells him that Ga Eun cannot be concubine just yet, but later she'll name her concubine so he needs to be patient. She asks him again to take her hand but he only is troubled.Noticing that, she informs him that a famous general is on his way.

Hwa Goon makes her entrance in front of all the members of the Pyunsoo Hwe where she's introduced again and takes care of her first task. Master Kim, her father, has a request to manage the poppy fields. He thinks that's a very important task and Dae Mok agrees, so she grants him the right. Another member asks Dae Mok why he's allowed his granddaughter to do this, and he says he knows Hwa Goon must have a plan, so he is allowing her to do this to discover that plan.

As Prince Sun decides that by using the pack carriers they can figure out where the mountain from where Yang escaped is, Chung Woon reminds him that it's the day to visit the King, which means maybe meeting Ga Eun. He asks him what he'll do if he finds out she went in there on her own will, but the prince cannot answer.

At the palace, Prince Sun meets Ga Eun after she's attended the King, but she rejects him and reminds him she is a court lady and no other man can touch her. Then he proceeds to meet the king. Lee Sun is happy to see him and without really revealing the truth, they tell each other what happened to each other and that now Prince Sun has the answer to defeat the Pyunsoo Hwe. Lee Sun shares how he wants to meet again, in a less formal way, although is always being watched. Prince Sun asks about Ga Eun, in an indirect way, but Lee Sun doesn't want to share and lies.

Meanwhile, Ga Eun is in front of Mae Chang again, she's also become a high rank court lady to teach poetry. After the lesson she asks why she drew that map but Mae Chang can't share much, she only writes down the name of where the mountain is located. Mae Chang then meets with someone, sharing about the prince. She is reporting to Head Eunuch and he tells her that they cannot side with anyone, she shouldn't help anyone, they are there merely to observe.

Are they a sort of organisation?

Lee Sun is leaving the palace when he meets Ga Eun again. She only wants to tell him where the mountain is but he asks her to come with him. She tells him there's no way back, but he promises to turn it all back… if that's what she wants. Crying and with a broken heart, she walks away from him. Nearby, Lee Sun is watching, shocked Ga Eun and Prince Sun have met again. He's enraged or maybe desperate, because he cannot share Ga Eun and demands to meet the queen now.


Lee Sun asks the queen to make Ga Eun his concubine now. She tells him to wait, the law dictates she ought to be trained first, but he's desperate. He also knows Dae Mok would oppose to restore Ga Eun's father's honour, which should come first. Accepting this, the king only asks her to keep her promise to make Ga Eun his concubine.

Meanwhile, Hwa Goon meets with her grandfather, he asks her about the Boss of pack carriers and she tells him he must be the queen's person, so he asks why she'd stand up for him. He shows he's aware she's hiding something.

General Choi shows up, the king rewards him although the man just wants to share a glass of wine with him. For now it cannot be. The queen cannot understand why he came so suddenly, but the Minister of War thinks it's something good. He came because the former minister of war called for him, and he shares how the current king is fake but the real prince is alive, planning his way to defeat the Pyunsoo Hwe.

Lee Sun mets with Woo Bo and they advise each other. The elder tells Sun to take care of himself first, and the the young man tells his former teacher to stay quiet.

The queen has her first mission for Ga Eun. Every fortnight the king receives a chest form the Pyunsoo Hwe, and she has to find out what they send. So she sneaks in the king's quarters, finding the plat and the bamboo tube, but nothing is suspicious. However, the Head Eunuch is coming and she's inside. Lee Sun wakes up and pulls her inside, hiding her in front of him. Before sending her away, he asks her not to do such dangerous things. She's shocked he saved her. about her mission, she can only report there was nothing suspicious. 

The queen meets General Choi and he doesn't hide knowing about the fake king. I'm not sure if she really didn't know, but she tells him not to know she not to be that surprised. He share that the issue at the borders is set, so this is the chance to attack the Pyunsoo Hwe.

Dae Mok is aware of this meeting and orders to find out what they discussed, telling Hwa Goon to use every assassin she might need, after all the Pyunsoo Hwe is in her hands. 

The former minister of war tells Woo Bo he called for General Choi and later he'll explain why, for now he asks the other man to arrange a meeting with the real Crown Prince.

General Choi stumbles drunk through the streets as assassins tail him, but he's a general and figures that and successfully and skilfully escapes him. Meanwhile, Prince Sun and Chung Woon head to the minister's house to meet with General Choi. There, the general shares his plan and tells him to give the order and they'll cut all the Pyunsoo Hwe's men's heads. But Woo Bo also shows and cries out to not do that, that's not the way to win this war. It'll lead to civil war and more innocent will die. General Choi insists this is their only chance. The men beg on their knees, the prince is left to make a choice.


Poor Prince Sun, it can't stop getting more and more complicated. A seeming quick solution to destroy the Pyunsoo Hwe has come, but to what cost? Whom will the prince listen to? Luckily, new episodes come out tomorrow and we'll find out.

Until then!


Ruler: Master of the Mask

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