Tonight new episodes of Ruler: Master of the Mask come out, and the story is surely getting more and more interesting. Before we find out what happens to our heroes, allow me to recap what happened on episodes 23 and 24 for you all.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 23 & 34

With the queen sudden poor condition, she is taken away but she isn’t really unconscious, she’s just so angry because of the puppet show and the fact they failed at killing the crown prince. About the show, she blames it on the Pyunsoo Hwe as Dae Mok told her to remember the past. And just like her, our heroes in their hideout also believe the Pyunsoo Hwe was behind. Now aware the queen is their enemy too, they need to be more careful.


When Ga Eun is helping the king, he mentions how she must be disappointed because her father’s honour wasn’t restored, but she is more confused about why he keeps helping her. In his desperation to make her understand he isn’t her enemy he tells her he didn’t kill her father, and when she claims he saw him, he asks her whether he actually saw his face.

The next morning, Prince Sun comes to the queen, pretending not to know she is his enemy, and tells her the Pyunsoo Hwe tried to kill him. He asks for her help in exchange of his knowledge. When she asks what the Pyunsoo Hwe is planning, he shares Dae Mok wants to change the queen and as marriage cannot be stopped, he advises her to pick the new queen herself. Obviously, this is his own way to keep the queen in check.

At the Pyunsoo Hwe's headquarters, a soldier barges in begging for a deadly flower pill, but Master Kim refuses to, as his way to punish him for his incompetence. Master Kim wants to show all the others how having control over the fields is having control over their lives. He’s about to give the soldier the pill when Dae Mok stops him, reminding him the rules that the pills only leave mid month and never are given in another time, not even to the king. In front of everyone, Dae Mok destroys the pill.

In the palace, the queen instructs Ga Eun to take the bamboo container from the king, she believes there must be more to it.

Talking about the pill, Prince Sun asks Hwa Goon for help again, showing her the pill and explaining how he got his hands on it. She fakes ignorance and offers to show it to the Japanese merchants, taking the pill from him.

Ga Eun goes to see the king and gives him tea, he asks her, just like Prince Sun, for her to stay until he finishes his cup. When he does, he falls asleep so she can search around and look for the container. Once she gets it, she exits the room and runs into Mae Chang. She asks for a bit of time and also offers her tea, reminding her that int he palace one should never accept tea offered by anyone. Too late, Ga Eun realises she shouldn’t have drunk that. Anyhow, she doesn’t die or anything and leaves with the container, but when the queen opens it there is nothing inside. Of course, Mae Chang exchanged the containers.

The king has not taken the pill and he’s getting the spots already, but when he decides to take it, he cannot find it. There’s no way to get another pill, so it means his death. Prince Sun comes later to see him when Lee Sun is having a fit, blaming it all on him and revealing how Dae Mok made him addict to the pill. Apologising for allowing him to live like that, he promises to get Lee Sun a pill and save his life.

Lee Sun only gets worse, so Hyun Seok brings Ga Eun to make him company as he most likely will die, just as Prince Sun sneaks inside Dae Mok’s house. Lee Sun, believing this will be his last chance, takes Ga Eun’s hand. She notices the spots and tells him how Yang died, so as he might not have another chance, he confesses to love her.


At Dae Mok’s house, Prince Sun and Chung Wook get noticed so they need to hide, and they end up doing it in Hwa Goon’s room, finding out she is the granddaughter of Dae Mok.

Caught, Hwa Goon doesn’t give much explanation to Prince Sun, but she does hide them from her grandfather, although it seems Dae Mok notices them but pretends not to. Aside from helping them to escape, she also return the deadly flower pill so Prince Sun can run back to Lee Sun.

Prince Sun arrives just in time to stop Lee Sun from showing his face to Ga Eun, giving the sick man the pill and allowing him to recover. Outside, Ga Eun and Prince Sun talk about it. She does’t understand how it happened, the container was empty. When she mentions the container, he realises his father, just like Lee Sun, was also addicted to the deadly flower. That is how the Pyunsoo Hwe controls them. Ga Eun is horrified she almost got the king killed, but Prince Sun tries to reassure her, until Head Eunuch finds them and warns them.

Knowing about the deadly flower pill, Prince Sun is more set to find the fields, understanding that it’s not just the king but everyone in the Pyunsoo Hwe, that’s why the produce so many pills.

A new day comes and the preparations for finding a new queen for the king. Dowager Queen appoints Woo Bo for the selection process, which is exactly what they need. Dae Mok has also sent two girls from the daughters of his men, ordering them to pass. The only relative the queen has is a very fearful and not so prepared girl, but they must push her forward and to help her, the queen makes Ga Eun join the process. Prince Sun who has also offered a position and now is an officer for the king, is surprised to see her among the options for queen.

One of the tests is a tea ceremony, and everyone shows great skills except the queen’s relative. The last one is Ga Eun and she does it wonderfully, but when she’s about to take a sip she smells the content and realises it’s poisoned. She sees everyone collapsing. Before she does anything, Mae Chang tells her to drink too or she’ll be labeled as the culprit. Ga Eun is shocked, asking her who she really is, but Mae Chang makes her choose between becoming a victim or a culprit.

Next scene, Mae Chang is running outside, telling Prince Sun how the ladies inside have been poisoned. He runs inside, just to find Ga Eun passed out like the others. He takes her in his arms, crying out her name.


I am pretty sure Ga eun won't die, but things won't get any easier. I am really curious to know exactly who Mae Chang and Each Eunuch are, they seem powerful and knowledgeable. I hope we find out soon. I also want to see how Prince Sun faces Hwa Goon now, I know he hasn't had time to confront her or even feel betrayed, but I'm sure we'll see that soon. 

Enjoy today's episodes, and I'll see you all for the next recap.

Until then!


Ruler: Master of the Mask

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