The war to get the throne gets nastier and nastier with every episode of Ruler: Master of the Mask. After the poisoning of the candidates and the queen, the rivalry between the two Lee Suns only becomes stronger. Allow me to recap episodes 25 & 26 for you all.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 25 & 26

The episode starts with a flashback of the dowager queen asking Ga Eun to become a candidate, in exchange she promises to really bring her father's honours back. (Hadn't she promised that already?) Back to where we were left off, Lee Sun runs to see the chaos that happened in the room with the candidates. He wants to go to Ga Eun, but as the king, he is supposed to go to the dowager queen first. The woman recovers consciousness for a bit before passing out again. Lee Sun turns to glare at Prince Sun by Ga Eun's side, walking up to them to demand an explanation and an apology.


Lee Sun orders the royal physician to take care of Ga Eun and he even ask Woo Bo to save her, staying with her, diligently taking care of her. Luckily, she is not in real danger and after a few days she should be fine. Prince Sun stays outside all night, wanting to see Ga Eun. Only when Lee Sun is gone, Woo Bo helps the prince to go inside. Ga Eun wakes up then and they can have a moment before she passes out again.

The main suspect is the Pyunsoo Hwe, but actually they lost their two candidates so how could they be behind? Woo Bo figures out the dowager queen was the only one who won something out of this, so she must be behind it and drank the poison so no one would suspect her. Hwa Goon figures out the same and declares she has a plan to get back at the queen. Indeed the queen was behind it and she orders her brother to tell his daughter to become the queen, she risked her life to get the others out of the way.

With everyone recovered, the queen resumes the selection process, the king will help the dowager queen, and it all seems to go as planned, until Hwa Goon shows up, offering to help in the decision as the head of the Pyunsoo Hwe. Hwa Goon asks tricky questions Ga Eun helps the queen's niece to answer, until she sets a trap with one of the questions. Ga Eun steps up to reveal this, but Hwa Goon attacks asking what happens to traitors who use the name of the king's falsely. Ga Eun is too hurt to answer, so the queen's niece does.

Later, Lee Sun has presents for the girls that passed, obviously wanting to give her something more meaningful, but Ga Eun takes the same as the others, but he points out how he picked yellow especially for her. She is shocked he knows she likes that colour.

Finally, Hwa Goon asks Prince Sun to talk and she tries to explain, but he cuts her in. He is grateful for all her help, he honestly is, and that's why he decides to cut ties for he and the Pyunsoo Hwe cannot coexist. In his gratitude he asks to never meet again. She has an outburst, throwing at his face all she's done for him because she loves him, and she only wants for him to stay by her side, but he cannot do that. She leaves heartbroken. Her confession makes Chung Woon realise the ones who tried to killed the prince before couldn't be the Pyunsoo Hwe as Dae Mok promised not to hurt him. Prince Sun suspects the queen.

The queen is becoming a threat to the Pyunsoo Hwe as well, so Dae Mok wants to find the culprit of the poisoning, and he isn't thinking of the real one, because when the queen is going to announce the three last candidates, the Chief State Councillor arrives to take the culprit, and that person is no other than Ga Eun.


Both Prince Sun and Lee Sun are worried, the latter goes to see the queen to request Ga Eun's release, but the queen is in no way worried and she thinks Ga Eun will be released as she is innocent. She doesn't care about torture. So the two Lee Suns meet to decide what to do. Prince Sun will find the real culprit, Lee Sun needs to win them some time.

Lee Sun stops the interrogation before the torture begins, wanting to interrogate her himself. That works to win them sometimes while Prince Sun thinks that finding the person who poisoned him before would lead them to the one behind this other attack. He finds the court lady and uses that information to deceive the queen, saying the Pyunsoo Hwe are after that court lady. To save her skin, the queen tries to send the court lady away, but the woman gets caught and now Lee Sun, under Prince Sun's instruction, uses the court lady to push the queen to intervene and save Ga Eun… in exchange of something.

It is settled that it was an accident, so Ga Eun is released and Prince Sun tells her she will be free, but that's not the case, she has made it to the final selection, possibly a royal concubine, shocking everyone and enraging Prince Sun. Later, he meets with Lee Sun to demand to know what he's done, but he washes his hands and says it was the queen. They keep arguing, Lee Sun recriminates him for still not telling Ga Eun the truth, and when they are shouting, Lee Sun hears something. He goes outside, but no one was there. When he goes back, Prince Sun promises to find the antidote for him, but he cannot give up Ga Eun. Lee Sun declares he can give up everything else, except Ga Eun.

War has been declared.


I am not liking what Lee Sun is becoming, he's becoming an antagonist of the story and I hate that. Why do the bromance have to be ruined? Ugh. Anyhow, I'll be back shortly for the next recaps, because things are getting more and more complicated.

Until then!


Ruler: Master of the Mask

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