Ruler: Master of the Mask is getting more and more intense every episode. Before new ones come out, I'll recap episodes 29 and 30 for you and remind you all what happened.

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Ruler: Mater of the Mask
Episodes 29 & 30

The episode starts with the heroes back in their hideout. So, it isn’t like the persuaded Prince Sun not to go but the other way around, Prince Sun asking them that if he can’t save the woman he loves then how is he supposed to protect his people? So they let him go and even if Chung Woon wants to go with him, just a look from the prince stops him.


Then it’s what we saw. Prince Sun wants Ga Eun released, but Dae Mok doesn’t trade that easily, so he orders to just take the girl away. Traitor Hyun Seok tells Lee Sun, who immediately wants to go take Ga Eun from Dae Mok’s house, not listening to his “friend.” I hate Hyun Seok.

Dae Mok talks to Prince Sun, civil and all that, trying to get him to join forces. Prince Sun claims he wants a new and better country, which is Dae Mok’s goal too. Although it technically is the same, their methods are way different and the motivations behind it, too, so Prince Sun can’t accept Dae Mok’s offer. In revenge and to laugh at Prince Sun’s righteousness, Dae Mok shares a bit of history with him how his father sided with Dae Mok to kill the late king. The news is a slap across Prince Sun’s face. Even then, despite it all, Prince Sun refuses to join forces with the older man.

Dae Mok isn’t pleased, and Hwa Goon comes then to beg for the prince’s life, and her grandfather gives her one last chance to persuade the prince. She tells  him to use the Pyunsoo Hwe instead of destroying it, she’ll help him, she’ll give it to him. It sounds perfect, she knows he cannot love her back and all that, she just wants to help him, but because he knows she’s earnest, he cannot accept that. It would be cruel to her. She's failed and her father comes with other men to take Prince Sun away.

Enraged, Hwa Goon goes to scream at Ga Eun for causing the prince’s death, Lady Han says she doesn’t care, he’s her enemy, he killed her father. Hwa Goon realizes Ga Eun doesn’t know the truth and decides the best punishment is not telling her.

Ga Eun is desperate, fathoming the possibility that Prince Sun didn’t kill her father. Just then, Chung Woon sneaks inside Dae Mok’s house, because Prince Sun asked him to save Ga Eun, knowing the elder wouldn’t set her free. She doesn’t go willingly, the young man has to say he’ll come back later for the prince. While they wait for an opening to escape, she asks who killed her father and kneeling in front of her, Chung Woon confesses the truth and asks for forgiveness, for not telling her sooner. The girl realizes she blamed the wrong man.

Lee Sun comes to beg for Ga Eun, calling her his woman and all that possessive and very Joseon-like behavior. Dae Mok gets Prince Sun to show him how Lee Sun is offering everything to save Ga Eun, will he agree? But Prince Sun doesn’t, which makes Lee Sun shout at him for not saving Ga Eun. Dae Mok explains it’s because Prince Sun is trying to save Ga Eun already.

Ga Eun and Chung Woon were caught, and in that moment, Pyunsoo Hwe men bring Chung Woon in, Dae Mok grabs a sword and strikes the young man, cutting his eye. Prince Sun cries and begs for his friend’s life, accepting joining the Pyunsoo Hwe to save Chung Woon.


Lee Sun comes to see Ga Eun, promising to save her. She’s frantic and just asks him to save the crown prince. Lee Sun loses his temper when he sees her like that, reminding her what the prince did but she explains the truth. Lee Sun is angry, but pulls himself together and promises to help as much as he can. He doesn’t look sincere…. That little rat.

Lee Sun goes to see the Dowager Queen, telling her what happened and to join forces. That’s why he announces the soon-to-be queen will be the Minister of Right’s daughter (the queen’s nice). At least it won’t be the Pyunsoo Hwe's candidate, so that’s a relief for Woo Bo.

Prince Sun will have his initiation the next day, Hwa Goon comes to see him. She doesn’t know where Chung Woon is, but it’s probably Dae Mok blinded him (nooooooooo). Hwa Goon tells him so much will change, but she swears to find the antidote for him.

Meanwhile, Dae Mok talks to Gon, making him realize if he helps Hwa Goon to betray him, then that will kill her and he’ll be to blame. Henceforth, Gon lies to Hwa Goon about the initiation ceremony and takes her away.

The ceremony isn’t at night but midday, and to force Prince Sun to follow the procedure Dae Mok brings Ga Eun. She begs the prince not to do it, trying to use her hatred to make him change his mind, but he doesn’t. The prince answers with his name and status and Dae Mok gives him the tonic with the deadly pill. Ga Eun cries to know the truth, but not even that stops him and he drinks the tonic. The pain strikes and Ga Eun cries, Lee Sun is among the masked man and looks scared.

Things get worse, Prince Sun coughs blood and Dae Mok shares he put three deadly pills, which will kill him, not make him addict.

Ga Eun escapes to run to him, crying and uselessly trying to save him. In his last breath, he confesses his love from the moment he saw her. She cannot even cry him when the Pyunsoo Hwe men take his body away.

When Hwa Goon returns, it’s too late. Her father asks her where she was, the ceremony finished. She rushes to the place and screams at Gon, realizing he betrayed her and tries to cut his throat, but stops and instead orders him to find the prince.

At the palace there’s a celebratory dinner for the marriage and the fake King is all smiles and offering to pour a drink to Woo Bo. But there’s something odd, the King spills the drink and acts angry, Woo Bo catches on it and acts drunk to be then kicked out with Moo Ha.

Lee Sun saved them, because inside he offers a drink to everyone… a red looking drink. A tonic he does not drink but the queen does, and after this, the pain strikes. The men from the Pyunsoo Hwe didn’t drink it either, only the ones that weren’t part of it. It was deadly tonic and now they are all addict and will die without a pill. Dae Mok walks in then, revealing they are all in their hands. The queen, enraged, is taken away.

Lee Sun announces Dowager Queen has been confined away for her crimes, and in just a few orders, he grants the Pyunsoo Hwe all the power they wanted to mint coins. Woo Bo tries to oppose, the three men actually on the Prince’s side, and for that, Lee Sun takes away their titles and banishes them.

It’s Dae Mok’s world.

Head Eunuch realizes this, and says they should do something, but Mae Chang announces the prince is dead so they have lost all hope.

Meanwhile, Lee Sun goes for Ga Eun and tells her the bad news that he couldn’t save the prince, the man is dead. She cries heart-brokenly, and he pulls her in his arms to comfort her.

That little rat!


In a faraway empty land, where the body of the crown prince was thrown, we see him lying hopelessly, but the mark on his back, the one that reappeared when he were to be poisoned, becomes visible!

Oh yeah, that's our prince, not easily killed. Of course the hero couldn't die. Anyhow, let's talk about Lee Sun. I loved him, but now I am really angry with him. He's turned for the worst, becoming an enemy and truly siding with Dae Mok. How heartbreaking. It's sad the poor boy from the beginning has become this ambitious and cruel man.

Well, I'll come really soon with the next recap!

Until then.


Ruler: Master of the Mask

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun

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