The Crown Prince is being chase by the Pyunsoo Hwe, will Lay Han be able to help him through this? I'll recap episode 3 and 4 of  Ruler: Master of the Mask for you all.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 3 & 4

The episode starts with Crown Prince Sun running away and falling in Lady Han's arms, but he doesn't linger there and continues running. Until someone drags him away before he's caught. It's Lady Han, making him hide inside the palanquin, pretending to be a sick grandmother. This saves him from the Pyunsoo Hwe and the prince finally looks into Lady Han eyes, intently, clearly forming a connection. But as someone who isn't used to people seeing his face, the first thing he asks if if he's handsome, shocking Lady Han. 


Later, he thanks her for her help but the staring continues. Then they part ways, but it seems they are going in the same direction. The Crown Prince hides her identity, saying he's a book collector and he's looking for scholar Woo Bo, who happens to be Lady Han's teacher. She takes him to the poor village to meet the man. Before she does, she stops by at a house, which happens to be the house the young delivery water boy, Sun. He says to be well and it's clear Lady Han is very fond of him. His mother is pregnant and dehydrated, but she's still so very kind to Lady Han.

On the other hand, Crown Prince Lee Sun meets a drunkard that keeps asking him where he is. He leaves before Lady Han comes back with Sun, who isn't pleased with the way the visitor treats the Lady, so he goes with them to see the master. Young Sun is also Master Woo Bo's apprentice.

When they go into the house of Master Woo Bo, Crown Prince Sun is shocked it is the same drunkard he met. He can't believe it, he refuses to, but both Sun and Lady Han assure him he's the famous scholar. They wake him up and Crown Prince Sun shows the book that he will give him, if and only if, Master Woo Bo's answer his question. The apprentices are flabbergasted, but obey when the master tells them to leave. 

Crown Prince Sun asks his question regarding why the crown prince must wear a mask , but instead of a clear answer Master Woo Bo asks why the wells are drying up if it's rained twice as more than before. When he has that answer, Master Woo Bo will answer the prince's question.

In the middle of the night, Sun's mother goes into labor, but they need water. They want to ask the Pyunsoo Hwe, but they refuse. Sun's father ends up stealing water, thinking it'll be okay the next day when he apologises.

Crown Prince Sun leaves but only to impose as a guest at Lady Han's house. Her father does welcome him, though, pleasently even against the lady's wishes. Han Kyu Ho is a minister of justice and Crown Prince asks why he's not standing up for the people and protecting them, but the man alleges that the Pyunsoo Hwe have all the rights of the water, even to judge.

Crown Prince Sun spends some time with Lady Han, asking her in an indirect way if protected seclusion is better than freedom. She answers honestly, that freedom is always better and he's pleased to hear that, impressed with her. Smitten already, he asked if she's betrothed to anyone, and when she doesn't answer, he assumes she is not, which makes him happy.


The next morning, young Sun comes running, begging Han Kyu Ho to save his father who was taken by the Pyunsoo Hwe. He can't, put after some insistence from Crown Prince Sun and the example he gives about virtue over law, the man goes to save Sun's father.

They get right in time before the man gets his hand cut, and he takes him away even if that is disobeying the King's orders and defying the Pyunsoo Hwe. Han Kyu Ho still takes the man to trial, but his superior comes to tell him to hand him back to the PyunSoo. 

On the other hand, the King has called the royal guard's son, the Crown Prince's closest friend, to find him. This young man does and plans to take Sun away, but he stops him in order to protect his subjects. This is how the Crown Prince presents himself to save the man from the Pyunsoo Hwe.

As Crown Prince has been found, he is supposed to go back to the palace but they need to wait a bit. During that time, an officer come to show his findings of a secret investigation on the Pyunsoo Hwe and how they are making the wells go dry. With this information, he asks Han Kyu Ho to carry the investigation and uses a distraction to run away to meet Lady Han again. Lady Kim, who was following him, realises the young prince has his eyes on another woman and jealousy makes its entrance.

All is well, Sun is with his father and they seem happy, but the Pyunsoo Hwe won't stay still and they send men to kill the man to teach them all a lesson. Sun is enraged and goes back to get revenge. It is Crown Prince Sun who manages to stop him, revealing to the young man he is indeed the crown prince by showing the jade jewell. He apologises because his meddling got Sun's father killed and the young boy is enraged, but he can't attack the crown prince.

Crown Prince Sun promises he'll do something, young Sun only has to wait a bit more. When the poor boy wants to return the jewell, Crown Prince refuses, telling him to keep it until he pays him back. Poor Sun is shocked.


Pyunsoo Hwe has realises the crown prince is with Lee Chung Woon, so Elder Dae Mok sends his men to capture him. That is how they end up cornering the prince, his friend Chung Won and young Sun.

Uh-oh, young Sun, whose name is also Lee Sun, has the jewell and will surely be mistaken for the crown prince, will he not? things will only get more complicated! But we'll see how the story continues today so let's be a bit more patient.

Until then!


Ruler: Master of the Mask

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun

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