This week will bring us more episodes of Ruler: Master of the Mask. Episodes 33 and 34 forced us to say goodbye to beloved characters and have pushed our heroes to step up their game. I'll recap them for you before new episodes so you don't forget anything.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 33 & 34

The episode starts with Chief Jo catching up to the runaway group, but the fire gets their attention and their priorities send them back to help, and like that the prince and his followers can escape. Somewhere near, Moo Ha and Mae Chang were collecting flowers with the hope to develop the antidote, and when they also see the fire, they make a run for it.

Dae Mok is informed of the situation and rushes to the fields, enraged with the situation. The elder demands answers, thinking his son is to blame but Hwa Goon steps in, denying her father’s involvement and even the crown prince’s, taking all the blame.


As the runaway group escapes, they run into Moo Ha and Mae Chang, who are delighted to see him alive. The reunion has to wait because they need to escape the Pyunsoo Hwe fast, so they run to hide with the kids and return them to their families.

Dae Mok takes Hwa Goon to the surveillance tower to ask her what she thinks the Pyunsoo Hwe means to him, and she answers it means the same that the crown prince means to her, so she’s glad to have taken something so important from him. Revenge, baby. Furious with her words, he declares that forgiveness isn’t something he grants to someone that betrays the Pyunsoo Hwe, not even to his granddaughter, so he orders Chief Jo to kill her. The man cannot do it, so Dae Mok grabs the sword himself to cut and kill his granddaughter.


Hwa Goon falls from the tower and her father hurries to cradle her in his arms, but there’s no salvation, in her last breath she calls the prince's name. As Dae Mok goes down the tower and approaches, Hwa Goon’s father yells at him, demanding to know how he could kill his own granddaughter, but Dae Mok ignores him and orders to kill the crown prince.

Prince Sun meets with Woo Bo and the others, who are joyful the prince is back. Woo Bo explains the use of the mark on the prince’s shoulder blade, which saved him. They think that could be enough to prove he is the real crown prince, but it is not, they need more evidence. That evidence is the ceramic pot hidden somewhere in the palace with a statement from the late king that could prove Prince Sun’s identity. They are at that meeting when someone warns them that the Pyunsoo Hwe men are looking for them.

At Dae Mok’s house, Hwa Goon’s father is grieving his loss when Gon joins, shocked to find Lady Kim dead. The elder scoffs at him, saying he doesn’t even know how to cry, but when Gon is left alone with Hwa Goon, he tears up and tries to reach for her, but stops himself as if he wasn’t allowed to touch her. He recalls her words about how protecting the prince was protecting her, so he vows to follow her orders until the end.

My heart is crying for Gon and Hwa Goon. Give me a minute.

Dae Mok is talking to one of his trusted men about what to do now the deadly flowers fields are gone when Hwa Goon’s fathers storms in. He reminds his father that the objective of the Pyunsoo Hwe was protecting his loved ones, but he killed his granddaughter and will end up alone, because as of that moment, he is cutting ties with his father, too. With a last bow, he walks away.

At the palace, Ga Eun goes to see Lee Sun, trying to talk to him but the young man is set in that joining forces is the way to protect everyone, he truly thinks he’s the king. Ga Eun starts to see it’s hopeless so she doesn’t insist more and instead says she wants to go to the temple to see her father. At first he doesn’t want to let her, but agrees only if she goes with his mother.

Prince Sun meets with his people and they discuss how to fight the Pyunsoo Hwe. They think stepping up and getting back the throne is the way, but after knowing his father is a traitor, Prince Sun thinks he has no right to be the king, and his subjects cannot persuade him otherwise, not having the words to reassure him he has the right to be the king.

At the temple, Ga Eun expresses how she doesn’t want to go back, Lee Sun has changed too much. His mother is also worried what might happen to her son when the real king returns, but Ga Eun explains the real king cannot ever come back.

As Ga Eun walks to the tomb, Woo Bo is at the temple with some of the rescued girls, saying they are working hard to find an antidote. As Woo Bo is around, so is Prince Sun, walking around and as destined lovers, the prince and Ga Eun run into each other.


Episode 34 starts with the two young lovers running to each other, embracing one another tightly. Finally, Ga Eun confesses she loves him and seizing the moment, Prince Sun pulls her to a kiss among the blossomed trees.

They always have wonderful settings for their kiss.

At the palace the dowager queen goes to fight Lee Sun, but the young man isn’t even bothered and can see through her attempts. He reminds her she lost all power and she cannot even bring the real prince back for he is dead. Lee Sun puts his foot on her by reminding her of the pill, telling her he might get it for her if she behaves. Offended and enraged, she storms out.

Lee Sun then goes to see Wiggly, but she is still wary of him. The boy tries to persuade her, but she would truly like to go back to the medical herbs shop, she was happy there. He promises her it’ll get better.

At the temple, Prince Sun pays his respects to Ga Eun’s father, and after apologizing and everything, he tells her his current situation, how he doesn’t believe he has the right to be the king. Being the eloquent girl she is, Ga Eun manages to talk some logic into Prince Sun’s head, reminding her his deep love and worry for his subjects, which is what gives him the right to be king.

Chung Woon shows up then, informing him about the ceramic pot and Ga Eun finally remembers what she knows, so she sets her mind to go back to find it, even if Prince Sun puts some resistance.

Dae Mok has a meeting about the situation and as they only have 50 antidotes, they decide to use that to decide who lives and who dies, so they start a list with the names of who must die.

When Ga Eun and Lee Sun’s mother come back, the older woman goes to see her son to tell her the crown prince is alive, she saw him at the temple. Lee Sun says he’ll take everything from the man, starting with Ga Eun. The next day, the young man reinstates her father’s honor and declares he’ll marry her.

While Gon meets with Prince Sun and Chung Woon at the market who he tells them about Hwa Goon’s finale, Dae Mok faces the masked members of the Pyunsoo Hwe who demand him to take responsibility for his granddaughter’s actions, but he hushes him to tell them he’ll use this chance to change and make the Pyunsoo Hwe stronger.

Gon hands the prince the must-die list, revealing Dae Mok’s plan, so the prince calls for all his followers. They have a meeting and Sun declares in front of them that in order to stop Dae Mok he’ll get the throne back.


I cannot believe Hwa Goon died. Honestly, throughout the K-drama she was always on Prince Sun's side, saving him and truly loving him. While Ga Eun has been a very static role, Hwa Goon has fought against everything not just to win his heart, but to save him. I am truly heartbroken because of her and seeing Gon crying broke me even more. I admit at first I assumed she'd become this obsessive and jealous girl who would get in the way of the main couple, but her love was greater than all that. It's a great loss.

Anyhow, I am sure she won't be the only one we lose before we reach the finale of this story, so brace yourself for more pain. I'll be back soon with the next recap.

Until then!


Ruler: Master of the Mask

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