Tonight new episodes of Ruler: Master of the Mask come out. Prince Sun has stopped hiding and things got more and more interesting. I'll recap episodes 35 and 36 for you all before tonight so you don't forget anything.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 35 & 36

Episode 35 starts with the Pyunsoo Hwe masked members demanding Dae Mok to take responsibility and the elder explaining his plan.

Somewhere else, Prince Sun presents his respects to Hwa Goon, restating his gratitude for all she did for him. From afar, Hwa Goon’s father watches them and Gon notices him, so he follows him. The elder is confused as to why Gon is there and he expresses it was Hwa Goon’s dying wish, he also mentions how they need the antidote, but it doesn’t seem the elder will help.


After announcing Ga Eun would be queen, she uses her new authority to storm in Lee Sun’s quarters and have a fight with him about it. She rubs in his face he is a fake who sided with the enemy and he just fights back telling her she basically has no option and she better stay by his side. Then he goes to see his mother who also advises him to stop being greedy, but he only fights back asking why he cannot be greedy? Why can’t he try to strive for more? I see logic, but dude, wrong ways of achieving your goal.

Mae Chang reports to Prince Sun about the wedding, something he doesn’t take well, but he’s advised to calm down (yeah, chill, bro) and wait for the remaining 11 days that it takes to plan a ceremony. Mae Chang also informs him there must be someone who can help.

Back to the Palace, Ga Eun is in mode Let’s-find-the-ceramic-pot, so she sneaks inside the greenhouse, digging everywhere to no avail. Hyun Seok spot her and tells Lee Sun, so Ga Eun is caught and their argument only leads to Lee Sun ordering to keep Ga Eun locked up.

Prince Sun meets with Head Eunuch who isn’t willing to help and be manipulated, but Prince Sun uses his eloquence and charisma to show he is a true king when he answers that saving those eleven girls is saving the nation, as every subject counts and no one is alone, everyone has a family. Each Eunuch is on the boat now and helps him to meet the dowager queen. The woman is wary and even if she tried to kill him, he forgives her because she is the only family he has left. She explains the pain she felt because of him, because his real mother stole all the king’s affection and he apologizes for not noticing before her suffering. He reminds her no matter what, she is the dowager queen and he needs her.

Lee Sun continues with his plan to take everything from the crown prince and reveals the Office of Astrology has determined he will be cured from his childhood illness that forces him to wear a mask, so he’ll reveal his face to everyone for the next ceremony in a few days. When the real prince finds out, he holds a meeting with his followers and friends, there he declares he’ll get back the throne before that happens.


The court lady that helped Prince Sun reports to Dae Mok about what happened and giving him a letter Prince Sun sent, which reveals their plan to enter the palace. He and Lee Sun aren’t really worried as the announcement was to lure him out of his hideout.

Prince Sun and his followers get a gigantic masks that will help them to enter the palace. The plan is on its way. Head Eunuch, in the palace, gives Ga Eun some books with a letter inside where Prince Sun tells her his plan, but it also shows a picture of a royal ceramic pot which makes her realize that’s what she’s looking for. When Wiggly comes to see her, she asks the little girl to bring her some incense the girl has no trouble in collecting for her.

The day of the ritual arrives and all guards have been handed a portrait of Prince Sun to stop him before entering. The group are waiting and put on their masks to go in, but the guards force them to show their faces. Although it seems they’ll be found, Mae Chang helped to change the portrait and like that the group can enter. But inside, the Minister of the Right spots them and gives them chase, so they split up. Woo Bo and Inspector General are caught, while the other lot make a run for it, but guards are still after him. Gon leaves Chung Woon and Prince Sun alone, just before they get cut but when they take off their masks, it’s not Prince Sun but Moo Ha.

Prince Sun entered before and had been inside as a eunuch for a while already.

Ga Eun uses the incenses, one to make people sleepy and the other she drinks it to stay awake. Like that, she can make the other pass out and use the chance to escape. Wiggly helps her to open the back door of the greenhouse for her to enter and search for the ceramic pot among the many others.

As Lee Sun is getting ready for the ritual, Head Eunuch buys time by saying the belt is broken. Meanwhile, somewhere else, Prince Sun is ready and heads to the great hall for the ceremony. Lee Sun realizes something is wrong and rushes, but the real prince makes it inside first. He orders the new prisoners to be brought to the hall, who are delighted to see the real prince standing there.

But the joy they feel doesn’t last long, Lee Sun storms inside, crying out the other one is the fake. Prince Sun stands tall and proud, calling him a fake. As they are wearing the mask and the same clothes, no one can really tell which one is fake and the ministers realize this is their chance to get rid of the real prince, while Woo Bo declares in this place is where the fate of Joseon is decided.


Ruler has become a mask off! Who wore it best? Okay, that was lame. Anyhow, the real and the fake face each other and soon the face of the king of Joseon will be revealed, but what it going to happen to the other? How are they going to prove who is the real? Will Ga Eun find the ceramic pot? Tonight we find out! And I'll see you all for the next recap.

Until then!


Ruler: Master of the Mask

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun

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