Prince Sun has come to reclaim the throne and end the war with Dae Mok in Ruler: Master of the Mask. I'll recap episodes 37 and 38 so you can relive the events.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 37 & 38

The king face-off has started, both Lee Suns are closely being watched and ordered to prove themselves as the truthful king. Prince Sun provides evidence from his infancy, while Lee Sun provides evidence from his five years as king. The ministers on Dae Mok's side provide more evidence to support Lee Sun, but the prince's followers do the same with Prince Sun. It's an even battle so far.

Chief Jo steps forward, suggesting the kings to take off their masks as the audience might recognize one even if they don't know what the king looks like. They agree and simultaneously take off their masks.


As Prince Sun is recognized as the Boss of pack carriers, he is also accused of an impostor; but before he gets arrested, Chung Woon steps forward. He is recognized as General Lee's son and the prince's bodyguard. That works in Prince Sun's favor who reveals he has been living in hiding for five years, after Dae Mok killed the late king and put a fake king on the throne. Obviously, he gets accused of lying but Chung Woon works as witness and they just argue any royal record can be easily altered.

Lee Sun comes forward and suggests the dowager queen as a key witness, knowing she'll be on their side, Prince Sun looks nervous, not sure if the woman will be on their side. The queen is brought into the hall and looks reluctant to be there, through gritted teeth, she confesses the late king was indeed killed by Dae Mok and confirms the Crown Prince's identity. Needless to say, she is questioned as to why she'd know if she never saw the prince's face, and she claims a mother would always know.


Woo Bo steps forward now, providing more evidence to prove Prince Sun's statement, revealing what happens when the prince drinks poison and why; the queen has to admit her involvement in the baby prince attempted murder. However, they don't have evidence of this information and they are left hanging again. 

Meanwhile, Ga Eun is desperately looking for the jar, breaking every pot she sees and cutting her hands in the process. Finally, she spots a hidden jar and breaking through it she finds another smaller and royal jar with the evidence inside. The girl runs outside, but two guards try to stop her. Mae Chang comes to the rescue with her badass skills, making way for the girl to run to the hall, but outside more guards try to stop her. This time, Gon comes to the rescue, fighting all the guards with his grace and amazing skills (I'm totally biased and I accept it), allowing Ga Eun to continue. From outside, she screams she has brought evidence to prove the prince's identity. Like that, she's allowed to enter and explain she was with Prince Sun's mother when she died and that's how she knew about the jar. She passes it to the queen who takes the evidence from inside: a letter from the king explaining what Woo Bo said, and stamped with his royal seal. She invites everyone to corroborate for themselves. 

Lastly, to prove this statement, she orders to bring poison and taunts Lee Sun with it. The boy knows he won't survive, but seems determined to do it nonetheless, until the real prince stops him and drinks it himself. He is struck with the poison at first, but overcomes it and reveals the mark on his shoulder. Like that, it is proved he is the real king. Lee Sun loses his cool and starts laughing maniacally, saying it doesn't matter as Dae Mok is who controls their lives. Accepting Dae Mok does indeed controls their lives, Prince Sun reveals that the deadly flower fields have been burnt and Dae Mok is planning to only save a few and let the other dies, and he reveals the Death List to everyone. The ministers start panicking and the queen orders them to calm down and just trust the rightful king to save them. Prince Sun promises to make an antidote and save them all, because no matter what, they are his subjects. Like that, they all bow to him and Lee Sun is finally taken prisoner; the boy screams and kicks and only shuts up when he sees the hopeless and sorrowful look in Ga Eun's eyes.


Prince Sun is now King Sun and he starts giving orders immediately, kicking out the traitors and bringing in his loyal subjects, ordering all doctors to work on the antidote. Dae Mok is alerted of the situation, but he knows he has the upper hand with the antidote so he doesn't panic, and threatens to destroy them all if the king dares to do anything.

King Sun goes to see Lee sun who only screams and causes him, but the king accepts all the blame and apologises, promising to find an antidote and freeing him. Lee Sun's mother and Wiggly come to the king later to beg for Lee Sun's life, but the king only smiles and declares he'd never hurt a friend. Ga Eun, who has watching smiles warmly. The king notices her hands and takes her away to treat her cuts, as he promises he'll never bring sorrow to her. Lee Sun, in prison, receives a new visit from his mother and sister, but he only screams for them to go away. Wiggly stays to tell him to go to them, giving him directions to their house and promising to wait. That breaks Lee Sun.

The medical team has been working non-stop, but to only more failure and the people are showing symptoms, growing desperate for the antidote. King Sun accepts he needs to meet Dae Mok to get the antidote, so he sends Dae Mok's most loyal minister to tell him about his desire to meet. The two men meet later, with many guards surrounding them. Dae Mok mocks the king, telling him to use this chance to change the world and let the traitors die, but King Sun refuses to abandon any of his subjects and accuses him of causing this, so he demands for the antidote. Dae Mok only agrees to trade it if the King gives up the throne, and warns him that when he fails at finding the antidote, his subjects will turn on him. Later, Dae Mok orders to spread the rumor that the king will destroy the privatized water system, taking jobs and livelihoods like that, just to create an uprising. 

Gon watches how the attempts to find the antidote keep failing so he slips away just to go for Hwa Goon's father who drinks in daylight to drown his sorrow. The elder mocks Gon for never speaking, not even when the woman he loved died for another man. Gon confesses it was all right because she was happy, she looked happy as she helped the king and that was enough for me.

Be still, my heart!

Hwa Goon's father realizes that's true and then Gon kneels to beg for the antidote and help the king as that was what Hwa Goon would've done. The elder listens and that night goes to meet the king, revealing he knows how to make the antidote, but not even Dae Mok knows he is aware of this. In exchange for the recipe, Master Kim asks for one thing in exchange and the king agrees, listening carefully.


Thank goodness someone else knows, and it seems there won't be an unwilling purge. 

I have to confess I've come to the realization that Gon is my favorite character in the whole story, along with Hwa Goon. Confirming he loved her in such a pure and loyal way broke my heart and made his character whole instead of just an obedient subject. I truly love him.

I'll be back soon with the final recap to see how everything unfolds and the ends are tied. 

Until then!


Ruler: Master of the Mask

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun

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