Episode 5 and 6 of Ruler: Master of the Mask came to show us how the Pyunsoo Hwe is an almighty enemy and has a strong hold on Joseon. Little by little, Crown Prince Lee Sun realises the power of his enemy. I'll recap for you what happened in these episodes.

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Ruler: Master f the Mask
Episode 5 & 6

             The episode starts wit the ambush to Crown Prince Sun. Chung Woon manages to block most of the arrows and clear a path for the other two young men, but there are too many of Pyunsoo Hwe, so Crown Prince Sun has to fight his way through them. Chung Woo comes to help, but Gon is actually better than the two of them and he won’t stop to the crown prince warnings. Actually, he sees the jade jewell on Lee Sun’s hand, thinking he’s the real crown prince. Luckily, the royal guard arrives and the Pyunsoo Hwe men flee the scene.

Meanwhile, Lady Kim is talking to her grandfather, trying to persuade him not to harm the young prince. Clever as she is, the young girl makes Elder Dae Mok see that the best way to gain control of Joseon is earning the king’s trust. She wonders if he’ll allow her have the crown prince if she gets his heart.

On the other hand, Han Kyu Ho is carrying the investigation, finding a witness that knows of the Pyunsoo Hwe’s machinations to dry the wells. However, the witness won’t testify for fear to what might happen to his family. Han Kyu Ho asks if he were to offer protection, would the man testify? If that’s the case then he would.

Chung Woon takes the two Lee Sun away. He’s upset to see the crown prince hurt, whereas Crown Prince Sun is worried his dear friend’s hurt. Yet he’s happy to know Chung Woon will become his personal guard. For the time being, the future guard entrust the crown prince to the other young man, in a harsh way the crown prince has to apologise for.


Lee Sun’s mother cries the death of the husband and the rest of the villagers want revenge, but Woo Bo stops them, telling them to look after their precious lives, no one else should die at the hands of the Pyunsoo Hwe.

Talking about the Pyunsoo Hwe, Elder Dae Mok has been alerted of Crown Prince Sun’s order for the investigation, and obviously he devices a plan to punish him and stop him, involving the king. His idea is getting the prince to come to him instead of bringing him by force.

This is how the King is informed that if he strikes the Pyunsoo Hwe, then the crown prince will be in danger. To spare his life, the young prince must join the Pyunsoo Hwe. But first, all the people named Lee Sun the king had hidden are being killed.

Woo Bo, upon finding the prince’s orders, tries to stop Han Kyu Ho.

Crown Prince Sun comes back to the palace, his father angry for his foolish orders. The prince wants to know why they can’t try to stop the evil group, and finally the king confesses the reason why he must wear a mask, to protect him from the Pyunsoo Hwe. He tells the young boy how he bargained the rights to privatise the waters of Joseon for his life.

Incredibly upset can’t believe his life has costed their subjects so much.

Meanwhile, Lady Kim is set in becoming the crown princess and is trying to get her father on her side. He promises to get the queen’s approval first.

The Pyunsoo sends another message to the King, telling him he must blame and behead Han Kyu Ho, accusing him of falsely claiming the crown prince ordered him to investigate the Pyunsoo Hwe. Obviously, Crown Prince Sun refuses, but the king will do anything to save him.

This is how Han Kyu Ho gets taken prisoner. The king comes to see him later to tell him what the Pyunsoo Hwe is asking, and the man accepts his fate, knowing he should’ve stopped the prince for it wasn’t time to fight the group yet. He knows his death is necessary, even to Crown Prince Sun’s agony.

On the other hand, Lady Han and her father visit the Queen and although she likes the young girl, her grandfather opposes and she knows her father doesn’t have enough power. Lady Han is disappointed but warns the Queen in the future she’ll be the one who regrets this.


The king allows the crown prince to do as he pleases, so Chung Woon comes with him to see Han Kyu Ho. He wants to help the man flee, but this is far more worried about Ga Eun, so the prince promises to protect her and get her somewhere safe, and then come back for him. They do that, persuading Ga Eun to leave her home to somewhere safe.

Lady Kim is upset her grandfather has opposed to the marriage, but she has another way to save the crown prince and asks for Gon as her personal guard, to later ask him that if he wants to keep her safe, he must protect the crown prince. If the young man dies, so will she and he’ll fail his mission.

Park Moo Ha is set free and Han Kyu Ho asks him to stop Ga Eun from seeing his death. When the prince comes back, Han Kyu Ho refuses to flee and realises the young man is indeed the crown prince.

The Pyunsoo sends another message using the eunuch Chun Soo, telling that if the prince doesn’t behead Han Kyu Ho himself, then all the people close to him will die. The eunuch is the first to die, but before he passes away, the prince allows him to see his face. Crown Prince Sun cries the death of his loyal eunuch, while Gon and Lady Kim watch him from high above.

Crown Prince is devastated, he can’t bear the idea of his life being the cause of death of Ga Eun’s father. It’s so much for him he faints, so the king uses that chance to lock him up and get Chung Woon to pretend being the crown prince and do what he’s been asked to.

Lady Han has found out about her father’s decision, and runs back to the capital, just in time to hear the news her father will be beheaded. Lady Han, Woo Bo, Lee Sun and others run to the palace, in a desperate attempt to stop the execution.

Crown Prince Sun wakes up, horrified to realise he’s trapped. But then, Lady Kim shows up and he finally recognises her. This time she offers him help and aids him to rush to the execution place, also in an attempt to stop this atrocity.

Even when they get there, they might be too late.


This episode was intense, but the story is just beginning. I'll be back to recap the next two in no time.

Until then!


Ruler: Master of the Mask

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun

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