Episodes 9 and 10 of Ruler: Master of the Mask come out tonight, but before that I will recap the previous episodes for you so you have everything fresh in your memory. The journey is bound to get bumpy for our leads.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 7 & 8

The episode begins with Chung Woon dressed as the crown prince, claiming that he’ll kill Ga Eun’s father to make an example of him to everyone. Ga Eun breaks through the guards and kneels to beg for mercy for his father, but she’s taken away and her father smiles to her. He himself claims his crime and even encourages Chung Woon to go ahead with what he must. Crown Prince Sun arrives and tries to stop them, but he’s too late and Chung Woon drops the sword. The beat of drums satisfies Dae Mok and kills Ga Eun inside, who cries for her father until she collapses. Chung Woon and the real crown prince look at the girl with horror and guilt. Lee sun goes to her and he spots the prince, realising he did’t kill Deputy Magistrate Han.


Woo Bo is enraged and goes to face Dae Mok. The elder makes the other recall that time he came, long ago, for help but Woo Bo advised him to become the master if he wanted to stop being the dog. He ever expected Dae Mok would become a cruel master like that ones that caused him harm. Before the former scholar leaves, Dae Mok warns him that a sharp tongue can save or kill a man.

The scholar goes back to the beheading site and finds the prince crying and drowning in guilt. He feels like a monster and begs for enlightenment, but Woo Bo does not know how to defeat the Pyunsoo Hwe. He advises the prince to try seeing the world in a new light to find the answer himself.

Lady Kim helps the prince, giving him her name before she goes to see her grandfather, accepting defeat and wanting to know what he’ll do with the prince. She asks for more time to win the young man’s heart, but Dae Mok refuses.

Crown Prince Sun goes to see Ga Eun, who upon seeing him begs him to help her see the prince and then she cries out how the prince could be so terrible and cruel to kill her father. She collapses again. In guilt, Crown Prince Sun stays kneeling in front of the house until Lee Sun comes to offer his help. He heard how the king is looking for another boy named Lee Sun and he could be that one. Recalling Woo Bo’s words, the prince accepts.

With the royal guard, they take Lee Sun to the king where the prince explains his plan to make Lee Sun pretend to be him while he leaves. Obviously, the King refuses and wants to find out Lee Sun’s real intention. Cruel and inhuman, the king interrogates and tortures Lee Sun. The young boy’s good intentions aren’t good enough for the king, only when he cries how he was starving and wanted to eat the king seems pleased.

I feel sick.

The prince continues begging the king to allow him to leave. The king doesn’t want to and tries to take the guilt away, but the prince isn’t naive anymore and he bows to give the water back to the people. Just then, rain starts pouring like a sign from the skies.

With the decision made, Crown Prince Sun stops the celebratory meal the Pyunsoo Hwe is having to have a talk with Dae Mok. Here, the prince asks the elder to be his advisor, but this man refuses and tells him to find someone else. The prince gifts him a pot of flowers that only bloom after enduring the cold and cruel winter. They part ways in civil ways, but once the prince is gone Dae Mok loses his temper as he understands the flowers are a declaration of war, representing the prince and the kingdom that will bloom after the cruel winter, meaning Pyunsoo Hwe.


Before the prince leaves, he goes to see Ga Eun who is staring at the sky. She recalls the saying about the moon and the sun never being able to shine together, but Crown Prince Sun tells her to look carefully, the moon is always there, like her father. He tells her about his plans of leaving and wants to take her with him. Giving him a necklace with the sun and the moon, he asks her to meet in three days there.

While Crown Prince Sun tries to calm his mother’s anxieties and reassure her of his plan, Ga Eun finds the letter by the prince which means the orders were real, but her father confessed. She doesn’t understand, but she’s grieving and so when she spots the sword, she takes it and marches to the palace. She attacks a flag and when apprehended, she claims she came to kill the king.

Inside, the king is informed of Ga Eun’s situation and he recalls his promise to Magistrate Han to protect her.

On the other hand, Crown Prince Sun takes Lee Sun with him everywhere, teaching him to be like him in every aspect. He ultimately takes him to the greenhouse, that being his favourite place. The prince warns his friend this task will be harder than being a peasant, but Lee Sun tells him to trust him to endure it.

Their friendship is beautiful.

Just then, Crown Prince Sun is told about Ga Eun so they change clothes with Lee Sun and the prince rushes to see the girl, while Lee Sun is taken away. The Pyunsoo Hwe initiation will be held that night and he must endure it. He gets asked once again for his name and he confidently answers Lee Sun.

Crown Prince goes for Ga Eun but she only left a note apologising for breaking her promise, yet she says that if she makes it safe and sound, she’ll be by his side. He only wants her safe.

Lee Sun is taken to the Pyunsoo Hwe for the cruel and painful initiation, while outside Commander Lee is leading the ambush to attack and destroy the Pyunsoo Hwe. Yet it seems they were preparing for it and attack, killing almost all royal soldiers.

Inside, Lee Sun’s face is exposed and Gon confirms he is the boy who held the jewel, protecting the real prince in order to protect Lady Kim. Lee Sun is given the poison and asked for his name, but the ceremony is interrupted.

Meanwhile, Ga Eun meets with the prince’s mother. The woman tries to explain the prince isn’t the one to blame, but Ga Eun isn’t having any of that, until the Pyunsoo Hwe come into the palace, throwing the fake prince to the king and threatening him. The king and Commander Lee try to fight the Pyunsoo Hwe while the prince’s mother is being affected by the poison. In her last breath, she tells Ga Eun the Pyunsoo Hwe are the real responsible of her father’s death, and to find the crock she planted and give it to Chun Soo, meaning the prince.

Crown Prince Sun and Chung Woon arrive then to find chaos in the palace. They run to the king’s room to find the battle. They rush to help and fight, but the prince gets pinned against a wall. With the king calling for his son, Dae Mok realises he’s the real prince and tries to kill him, but the king goes forward, aiming to kill. However, Dae Mok is more skilled and blocks the king, ultimately piercing through his body and killing him.

The king falls the the floor, to a terrified Lee Sun and an horrified prince. In his last breath, the king just asks his son to escape.


Oh no… with the king dead Crown Prince Sun cannot leave, but the Pyunsoo Hwe knows his face now. Oh boy, things just got a lot more complicated. Can't wait to see how the story continues! I'll see you all for the next recap.

Until then!


Ruler: Master of the Mask

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun

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