Episodes 9 and 10 of Ruler: Master of the Mask tell us what happens after the king's death and how our young prince prepares to defeat the Pyunsoo Hwe. I'll recap them for you with some gif sets I hope you enjoy.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask
Episodes 9 & 10

The episode starts as we already saw, the mutiny against the king. Although the king does his best to save his son, Dae Mok strikes and kills the king. Horrified, Crown Prince Sun is taken by Chung Woon to flee before it’s too late, they need to protect the new king. But the men from Pyunsoo Hwe go after the now king of Joseon, so Chief Commander comes, wounded as he is, to protect the prince. The last command to his son is to protect the prince, and he stays to fight against all those men. But one against so many, and even Gon, mean the end of Chief Commander.

Chung Woon drags a shocked prince and tells him they need to separate. Crown Prince Sun is scared, he doesn’t want to lose more people, but Chung Woon persuades him at the end. The young bodyguard tries to distract the first group of men, but Gon is clever and knows the prince went somewhere else and goes for him. The prince, now caught, tries to fight and before he gets killed, Gon, remembering Lady Kim’s words, protects him. But he can’t do much when another warrior drags the prince with him down the cliff.


Lady Kim and Gon are the first to get to the prince, and she is the responsible to save him. She knows her grandfather won’t stop until Prince Sun is dead, so she asks Gon to give her the poison that will debilitate the prince’s pulse to become undetectable. Like that, they can fake his death, although it’s not certain he’ll wake up.

Dae Mok finds Lee Sun still in the palace and takes him to find the prince. Said prince is declared dead and Lee Sun cries out for the real prince, but Dae Mok doesn’t care and decides then that Lee Sun will be his puppet, because anyone can be the king behind that mask.

Crown Prince Sun is buried despite Lady Kim’s desperate screams until she passes out. Before the new day comes, Ga Eun escapes the palace and Chung Woon finds the prince and unburies him, crying for him, but the bodyguard feels a feeble pulse and that’s enough for him to not give up. He takes Prince Sun to Woo Bo who doesn’t know if he’ll be able to save the prince, but they try it nonetheless.

Lady Kim and Gon go to the prince's tomb the next day to find an empty hole.

The queen is presented with the new king and she recognises it’s not the real one, but remains silent and grants him the power. However, before he can make any decision the Pyunsoo Hwe is actually asking for, the queen reminds them all the young king is not of age yet so she’ll assist him until then. Which means, she’ll make the decisions.

Crown Prince Sun makes it through and wakes up, just to hear the horrible news of his family being killed, and even Chief Commander. He’s desolated and in his weak state he tries to go and get revenge on Dae Mok, but Woo Bo stops him and tells him he is no better than his enemy. Just like he advised Dae Mok long ago, he gives the prince the same words asking if he’ll become a master all fear like Dae Mok or not. Prince Sun will be different.

The Pyunsoo Hwe has a new way to cause harm, now in the name of the new king, saying he orders the poor village to move to a wild and empty land. The villagers try to resist but they are beaten, even Lady Han gets slapped. In desolation, the villagers wonder why now with the new king life is only getting harder. Ga Eun remembers her father’s words of how to get flowers to bloom and she bows to help those people. That’s how she takes them to the empty land and tells them to start a trading business, making use of the strategic location of the place. With their guidance, the villagers listen to her and start working.

Meanwhile, Prince Lee apologises to his parents for not going now, and promises he’ll find a way to defeat the Pyunsoo Hwe and rescue Lee Sun. He also goes to see Ga Eun, witnessing how the villagers celebrate that they’ve build a well and have water, finally! He doesn’t go to her because he thinks his existence reminds her of her father and brings her sadness, so he walks away without even saying goodbye.


Prince Sun wants Woo Bo to take him as his disciple, but the man doesn’t pay him much attention. 

In the new village, the construction seems to go well and Moo Ha comes as the only support for Ga Eun. She remembers the words from the prince’s mother and asks him to find a way to get into the palace.

Woo Bo invites a peddler and gives him Prince Sun. He tells the young man to earn their trust and learn their organisation, because in the future the peddlers will help him enormously. That’s how the prince goes with the man, giving up his name to start working hard.

The life of a peddler is hard, many of them die while walking from one place to another, and in his innocence, he wants to help their families, but the elder peddler tells him he can’t do that every time it happens and sends him collecting the market fee. The prince gets an idea then, to use those funds to help the same peddlers' families when bad things happen. At first, the elder refuses but the prince insists, claiming how one day their families might be the ones to need that money.

At the end, they do give some money to the family to hold a proper funeral and like that, the prince is accepted and appreciated in that place.

And like that, five years go by. The new village has grown in a blooming trading market. The king has come of age, but the queen refuses to step down. Ultimately, she can’t drag it any longer and the power is finally in the fake king’s hands.

The Pyunsoo Hwe is now demanding to all their debtors to pay back within fifteen days or else. They even go to the new village and destroy a woman’s house and shop to give an example. There's no way they can pay all what they own in that amount of time, so they are seeing their doom. But then one peddler talks about their chief, a man of virtue and honour who earned the trust of every other peddler. He helps the ones in need if it’s the right thing to do, only if they promise their loyalty and trust. Lady Han, determined to help her friends and family, goes with the peddlers to find this chief.

It’s not easy for her and the other two peddlers take pity on her and decide to stop, meanwhile two masked man come to check on the Pyunsoo Hwe’s doings. These men turn out to be Prince Sun and Chung Woon. They are exactly at the place the peddlers wanted to rest and where now they are dragged.

And now, after five years, Ga Eun and Sun meet again.


Ohhh, things get more and more exciting. And five years have gone by! I am happy to see Prince Sun has become someone with power and who has the support and trust of so many already. Surely, all these years have helped him and he's matured. I am sure he understands his subjects better now, having lived among them for so many years.

The next episodes are out and I'll come back to recap them soon, before the new ones air. 

Until then!


Ruler: Master of the Mask

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun

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