The relationship between Ga Eun and our Crown Prince finally, FINALLY starts to progress but will their progress last? Truths are revealed, loyalty is questioned, and questions remain unanswered. Join Tiara and Firnlambe as they discuss the 6th week of Ruler: Master of the Mask.

Firnlambe: Sooo much went down this week. I don't believe I can think of another drama where I was happy so many secrets have been revealed.

Tiara: But at the same time there are still a ton of secrets NOT being told *cough*Crown Prince*cough* I’m so disappointed in the Dowager Queen this week. Wendilynn was totally right in suspecting her ulterior motives. It was confirmed she allowed for the tiger’s blood to be switched out with poison which means in some ways she’s no better than Evil Gramps.

Firnlambe: Yeah, the Dowager Queen was a major disappointment. I had reeeeeeally hoped she would be in the Crown Prince’s corner for the rest of this battle. Alas it was not meant to be. My only consolation is the fact that he was able to surprise her after his “death”. I feel so bad for our Prince though. Not only has his “mother” turned on him, he has finally learned that Hwa Goon is now the leader of the group he is dead set on destroying. I can't wait until he has a chance to truly confront her, because the only way she will be able to keep his anger at bay is by revealing that she knows his true identity. Fireworks are in our future and I can't wait.

Tiara: Finally the cat is out of the bag about Hwa Goon’s secret. Not just she’s the granddaughter to Pyunsoo Hwe but she’s also the chief. Oh I can’t wait for her to try to explain herself out of this dilemma. But going back to Dowager Queen for a moment, I just don’t understand her through process. The Crown Prince is her son as she is Queen and they both are fighting the Pyunsoo Hwe for power. Killing the Crown Prince is a bad move and if this was a game of chess the game would be over in one more move. She’s not thinking ahead and about the right way to use her pieces on the board. Which is just another character whom I liked to be ruined again. Why must they destroy the characters I had high hopes for? *silently crying*

Firnlambe: Because the writers hate us? As long as Lee Seon doesn't become an even larger obstacle for the Prince I could care less about the other characters. The current outlook is bleak though ㅠ.ㅠ //sigh// sadly it looks like your prediction may be right Tiara. I can fully see Lee Seon wanting to stay on the throne because it will be the means for keeping Ga Eun by his side. I just want the three of them to be happy….is that too much to ask?

Tiara: Apparently, the drama thinks we’re asking for the world. There is a lot of sympathy I want to give to Lee Seon because of having to live a life with Cake and Death at your door and death is always waiting for you is a life no one should have. In those scenes where he is describing the last 5 years to the Crown Prince just pulls at your heartstrings, but then all of that pity is throw out the door the moment Ga Eun is mention. I just can’t feel sympathy when he’s acting like a brat over a “toy”. Ga Eun belongs to no one, but because Lee Seon is King he’s taking advantage of the situation. He could force Ga Eun which thank goodness he hasn’t yet. However if the Crown Prince looks at Ga Eun like a boy in love one more time, I’m worried Lee Seon will force her hand.

Firnlambe: He totally will too, you know he will. I mean--he just about lost it when he was speaking with the Crown Prince after Ga Eun saved him from death. Our Prince needs to start pushing his plans soon. If he doesn't all of these other parties will start to push their own agendas and his already impossible objective will become that much more difficult. It was good that they got to have the queen selection done on their own terms. And as much as they think otherwise, I feel like having Ga Eun as apart of the selection process will be good. As long as she isn't blamed for that poisoned tea fiasco that is.

Tiara: I would feel better about Ga Eun being in the Queen selection if it wasn’t on behalf of the Dowager Queen. Mae Chang tried to warn her to not side with the Queen, but she’s not listening. I mean she finally did with the poison tea, but I call that a little too late. I find Mae Chang and the Eunuch still interesting. There agenda is still unclear, but I loved how they put the Dowager Queen in her place with the puppet show. To everyone else it looked like a story, but Woo Bo knows it isn’t. Mae Chang clearly wants to help the Crown Prince while the Eunuch wants to stay neutral it seems.

Firnlambe: I would be so much easier on me if the Head Eunuch would just make his personal agenda clear. I want to know if I can trust him or not. He’s doing all of this work that, in the end, helps the Crown Prince...but then him wanting to stay “neutral” seems counter productive. That being said, I was also super happy with the shadow play and how it played out. Particularly with how they made the Queen think Grandfather Wolf was the one orchestrating it all. That was brilliant.

Tiara: For now it seems Team Inner Court is playing neutral but that could all change. If Team Crown Prince can find the field of Deadly Flowers, they might have a chance at taking down the Pyunsoo Hwe once and for all as their power to control will be gone.


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