We’re down to the final three for the Queen pageant. The Queen’s top pick is in the lead of winning after the poison situation. The Pyunsoo Hwe still has their contender in the running, but it really isn’t needed as they have a few aces of their sleeves outside of this pageant. Meanwhile, Team Crown Prince is hurting a bit after secrets finally being revealed to the final contender. Come join Firnlambe and I, Tiara, as we compare notes for this week.

Firnlambe: I don’t know about everyone else, but I had serious rage issues this week. All my hopes for Lee Seon have been tossed out the window, ran over by a stampede of hyper children and then burned.

Tiara: Welcome to the club of frustration my friend. Every week Lee Seon gets worst and worst for me. Has he gotten amnesia in these last 5 years as the fake king? The Crown Prince does deserved some blame, but he was not responsible for Lee Seon’s father’s death. Not to mention, he was the one who agreed to help the Crown Prince because he was hungry. *flipping tables* I despise the motivation Lee Seon has to want to become the real King.

Firnlambe: His blatant lies towards Ga Eun astound me. Like no sir, you don’t have the right to be saying any of this. You KNOW the Crown Prince wasn’t the one to physically kill her father, you know that because you saw him off to the side. And yet--you twist the truth because you “love” Ga Eun?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I hope he experiences extreme amounts of guilt once he learns the Crown Prince has always done his best to help him be free from the Pyunsoo Hwe. OH! OH! OH! ALSO...I always had a bad feeling about Lee Seon’s personal guard, but my brain never would have pegged him for double agent. I was so disappointed when that plot twist was revealed.

Tiara: Ga Eun believing these lies too is annoying. Consort Lee explained to her about Dae Mok and Pyunsoo Hwe. She may only have believed a bit of the story, but when most of the Royal family is killed you think she’d have trust in the story. Not to mention, when is she ever going to find the item in the greenhouse? I mean she at one point was looking for it, but like everything else I think this drama just suffers from early onset dementia. The turning point for Lee Seon to fully embrace hands with Pyunsoo Hwe was a nicely played. I applaud Dae Mok for his trick. It helped break up the bromance between the Crown Prince and Lee Seon for good. Yet, I can’t say I’m surprised the King’s guard isn’t very trustworthy.

Firnlambe: The greenhouse!! Yes! It was supposed to prove her father’s innocence, wasn't it? I hope that plot point doesn’t get forgotten. I agree that Dae Mok set up his trick well. The fact that the real antidote causes those who are not poisoned to cough up blood and die was well thought out. In regards to the guard, I was honestly caught off guard (no pun intended). I had always been wary of the guard due to his bad influence, but I always had assumed it was simply because he was simply an annoyance. It does make a lot of sense though, because there is no other reason Dae Mok would allow Lee Seon to have someone next to him that would know his real face. As much as I hate Lee Seon for revealing too early that the Crown Prince is really alive, I’m glad the secret is finally out of the bag.

Tiara: Whatever is in the greenhouse, she was suppose to deliver it to “Chun Soo,” but as to what it was we’ll have to hope the drama has forgotten this plot point. I probably would’ve liked the reveal of the guard as a member of Pyunsoo Hwe if I wasn’t irritated with drama as a whole. The drama has some good ideas but the motivations for characters and forgetfulness makes it hard to enjoy the moments that are really well done. Ga Eun has a right to be angry and mad at the Crown Prince as he kept his identity a secret and the scene is heartbreaking on one hand, but on the other hand she knows who really runs the city and the royal family. It’s these inconsistencies make me do a lot of eye rolling. I think I’m going to end up with an eye problem when this drama is done.

Firnlambe: I can understand those frustrations. Personally though I think the writers, aside from some key points, are doing a good job keeping things flowing smoothly. I hope we get more plot development with the head Eunuch. I was really glad that his daughter was able to move him into assisting the Crown Prince. They also revealed that he is trying to stay neutral because his loyalty is to the King who our Crown Prince’s father made his deal with the Pyunsoo Hwe to eliminate. I really want more of that story.

Tiara: Head Eunuch is just awesome. I love his disapproving looks towards everyone. He’s loyal to the King Prince Geumnyeong had killed speaks volumes on his position. However, Mae Chung is totally getting Head Eunuch to side with team Crown Prince. I just want people to pick a side and lets get these battles going to get to the end of the War. Yet on a side note, Hwa Goon being grounded was funny. I do believe the Crown Prince is confused and feeling conflicted on what to do with Hwa Goon. She’s the granddaughter to your enemy, but she’s saved your life. It will be interesting to see what her plans will be going forward towards the Crown Prince and what he plans to do with her.

Firnlambe: I’m glad it looks like Hwa Goon is staying as true to the Crown Prince as she can, and the fact that Gon didn’t betray her when he was beaten says a lot about his character as well. I’m worried though that she will unintentionally cause more trouble while confined. I’m not sure HOW exactly, but she always has a knack for getting into trouble.

Tiara: She should just let the Crown Prince go and be with Gon. I totally ship those two together. You’re right Firnlambe, she’ll probably cause a lot of trouble here soon. Ga Eun is being held hostage by Evil Gramps and the Crown Prince just showed up for the party. Does this mean we’re going to finally get to see the Crown Prince’s superpower right?

Firnlambe: His entrance was shot spectacularly. I’m curious as to what their contingency plan is. I can’t imagine his crew would let him willingly walk into the wolf’s den. Particularly after they made such a big fuss when he wanted to barge in swords swinging when he leard Ga Eun was taken.

Tiara: We’ll have to wait and see if Crown Prince can finally become the Superhero destiny has fated him to be. Until next time, watch more dramas.


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