Power plays have been made and there's no going back. Will Lee Seon ever see the error of his ways? Will our Crown Prince live to fight another day? Or is the Pyunsoo Hwe's hold too strong for our heroes to break free from? Wendilynn is still out on vacation so join Tiara and myself, Firnlambe, as we discuss how we feel about all the character developments, or lack thereof, for week 8 of Ruler: Master of the Mask.

Firnlambe: I really enjoyed this week’s episodes. A lot more than I was expecting to, if I’m being honest here. I don’t like how certain characters //cough cough// Lee Seon //cough cough// are shaping up to be, but I understand and appreciate why they have reached this point in their character development.

Tiara: Meh … on the character development or lack thereof. I’m so over Lee Seon, but I did enjoy the Hwa Goon this week. I mean dude, she was on fire this week by taking away Gramps most precious flowers. It’s about time Team Villains step up their A game. It’s just a shame it’s taken the whole drama.

Firnlambe: heh on fire...ok so maybe appreciate was too strong of a word lol but I do understand why Lee Seon has become the power hungry monster that he has. I agree 110% in regards to Hwa Goon. I was fully expecting to hate on her for the rest of the series once she became the leader of the Pyunsoo-Hwe. I really loved watching her character break over losing the Crown Prince, again, only to steel herself into ruining her Grandfather’s ambition. I do worry for her from now on though. Grandpa isn’t going to let her off lightly now that most (if not all) of the main source of his control has been destroyed.

Tiara: Lee Seon’s turn to villainy would have been more interesting earlier in the series. The motivation of our fake King still is a problem. A broken bromance of misunderstandings would have been more to my liking which would lead Lee Seon down the dark path of evil. The scene where he was torturing the lacky for Pyunsoo Hwe was vile and disturbing to watch. I would’ve liked to see more of this darkness build in Lee Seon, but time is running out. Gramps really stepped up this week too, but the show was stolen by Hwa Goon. You’re right, Gramps is not going to let her go after setting fire to his flowers and letting everyone escape. My fingers are crossed Gon will save her and they run off together and live HEA.

Firnlambe: I’m going to assume HEA means Happily Ever After lol ... I can totally see Gon saving her, but I can’t see them having a HEA, even though I would love for them to become a real couple. I really like watching their relationship/friendship grow to what it has become, but it’s also that growth that fully has me expecting Gon’s character to make the ultimate sacrifice for his master, and that pains me. I was a bit worried when he lied to Hwa Goon regarding the initiation ceremony though. I had thought for a moment Gon would full go back to Gramps in order to “save her,” so I was glad he decided against that and helped her set the field up flames. Since we are on the topic of the field. I was a bit surprised it was so under protected. I know it was supposed to be hidden, but damn--they had a very limit supply of guards. It was no wonder the Crown Prince was able to slip in so easily while just waking from the dead.

Tiara: I’m still hoping for the best between Gon and Hwa Goon. It’s the looks he gives to her that made me jump onto this ship. I do believe Gon was following Gramps orders to protect her. He’s been so loyal to her this is the only explanation I can think of. The Crown Prince really didn’t need to slip into the field as they throw him away like the young girls who die. The scene with the little dying girl giving the Crown Prince water is tragic and painful to watch. It also makes me angry the drama can give us this heartbreaking scene with high emotions, but can be consistent with its plotlines. Better late than never to have the Crown Prince’s super powers show up, but it makes me worry about the antidote. The whole royal court is under the control of the Pyunsoo Hwe and there is no more flowers. Time is ticking and people are going to start dying if we can’t get that antidote.

Firnlambe: Oooo good point. Not having enough antidote to go around will be a problem. I really liked the scene where the court got poisoned though. From Lee Seon kicking out our resident good guys, if only so they wouldn’t get poisoned, to seeing how quickly the Queen’s men turned their backs on her. It was entertaining to watch. Regarding the super power. I always wondered when they would be making an appearance. I'm so looking forward to when he reveals himself to Grandpa. His look of confusion and then anger at seeing the man he has tried to kill multiple times will be a treat to watch.

Tiara: The poisoning of the Court was pretty impressive, I agree with you. It’s clear Lee Seon still wants to protect his teacher by kicking them out of the palace and their positions. The return of the Crown Prince will be interesting. I don’t see him coming back as the Pack Boss, but as the Crown Prince with the help of the Head Eunuch and Mae Chang. The balance of power is gone and the inner court has to back Team Crown Prince. It will be interesting to see how the Crown Prince proceeds knowing his own father is a killer who took the throne away from the rightful King.

Firnlambe: I think he doesn’t quite believe that, and won't until he speak with the Head Eunuch. I feel bad for him to a small degree, but he shouldn’t feel too responsible for it since it happened long before he was even born. I’m really curious as to how he will make his return. Obviously he won't be pulling any punches or hiding in the shadows this time around, but he also can’t go in swords swinging. Maybe Ga Eun will magically remember there is something in the Greenhouse? Clearly I’m grasping at straws, but dammit...I really want to know what’s in that pot.

Tiara: Fingers crossed Ga Eun remembers that darn pot. It’s about time she learned the Crown Prince was not the one who killed her father. Finally, Chung Woon confessed yet I don’t think trying to escape was the best time to tell her the truth and ask for forgiveness. I can’t say I was surprised when they got caught. Switch back to the palace, it was a nice reunion between Lee Seon and his mother and sister. But I don’t see them staying in the palace ending well for them.

Firnlambe: No not at all. It was a “gift” after all...and gifts from the Big Bad Wolf never bode well. Hopefully they get forgotten in the shuffle once our Crown Prince returns. I would hate for them to be used as leverage. I was so relieved when the flower fields started to burn because I always had it in the back of my mind that the Pyunsoo-Hwe would take Wiggle to somehow punish Lee Seon.

Tiara: I worry for Wiggle being used too, but when you have someone hooked on a poison I guess you don’t really need to use others to get them to do your bidding when they just want to live. That doesn’t mean she won’t be used to control Ga Eun. She really needs to find away to escape the palace because Lee Seon isn’t giving her a title to protect her. He’s trying to manipulate her, but the good news she’s not buying what he’s selling.

Firnlambe: I was under the impression he wasn’t going to give her the title of Concubine because he wanted to make her his Queen. I want her to get out too though. She won’t go without being dragged out though. There is no way she can just walk out of the palace so I'm hoping she goes into her current situation with a determined outlook to be a royal pain in everyone’s side. Particularly since she is still under the impression that the Crown Prince is dead.

Tiara: Haha, I love the idea of her becoming a royal pain. That would be fun to watch. Going back to who’s Queen, the Crown Prince wants Ga Eun to be his Queen. Lee Seon was working with the Minister of the Left about making his daughter Queen. The Eunuch deliver Ga Eun’s clothes and told her about her title while she tried to give them back. Lee Seon at the pond manipulated her by saying he order her title to deceive someone and protect her. He says he has no intention of taking her as a royal concubine, but I beg to differ. Once he finds out the Crown Prince is alive, he might not be the nice Lee Seon and force the issue on her.

Yet again it was a close call for our precious Crown Prince, but will Hwa Goon’s sacrifice be enough to buy him enough time to make a spectacular return? Will Lee Seon finally force Ga Eun’s hand once he learns that the Crown Prince isn't truly dead? Or will our OTP finally be united once more? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We love reading your them along with any predictions you may have.


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