Hwa Goon has gone against her family in the most dramatic way possible. Will she survive to see the Crown Prince retake his rightful place on the throne? How will our merry band of heroes be able to save those addicted to the poisoned flower pills now that the fields have been set ablaze? Join Tiara and Firnlambe as they discuss these questions and more for week 9 of Ruler: Master of the Mask.

Firnlambe: Not gonna lie. I may have disliked her for the first few weeks, but I was very sad the writers had Hwa Goon dying the way that she did. I sort of always knew her Grandfather had the potential to kill his family, particularly in this case since the flower field was burned to the ground, but I never expected him to really go through with it.

Tiara: You’re not alone in your dislike for Hwa Goon. She came across as the typical second female lead who wants the love of the male lead, but would never get it. I was pleasantly surprised the writers killed her, but I liked the arc surrounding her death. Gramps created the Pyunsoo Hwe in order to protect his loved ones, but in the end he killed his granddaughter. Maybe he loved his poison flowers more than his family after all these years. Hwa Goon was able to destroy the one thing he wanted to protect.

Firnlambe: I think he coveted the power those poison flower brought him more than the flowers themselves. I have to give real props to Hwa Goon’s dad though. He said the exact words Gramps needed to hear. I feel so bad for him, he lost his daughter in the most tragic way he possibly could, but it opened his eyes enough for him to see how far gone Gramps is when it comes to the Pyunsoo-Hwe. I reeeeally hope he takes Gon’s words about Hwa Goon’s dying wish to heart.

Tiara: I too am hoping for Hwa Goon’s dad to take Gon on his daughter’s wishes. I mean what is the best way to get your revenge on Gramps with giving the Team Crown Prince the antidote. Gon’s dedication to Hwa Goon by helping the Crown Prince brought a smile to my face. If I can’t have Gon and Hwa Goon as my OTP, I guess I can be happy with him fulfilling Hwa Goon’s dying wish.

Firnlambe: Exactly. That poor man. He loved her so much, but still felt like he didn’t deserve to even hold her hand after death. I’m looking forward to these last two weeks a lot. Not only do we have the potential for more internal strife at the Pyunsoo-Hwe, we have our Kingly confrontation to deal with. And Oh...My...God...thank goodness the head Eunuch finally decided to side with our Crown Prince, because the way that whole scene panned out was freaking brilliant! I was watching the last episode around non-Kdrama people and confused the heck out of them because I was cursing and getting excited watching everything play out.

Tiara: The Battle between the Demon and the Dragon is about to begin. I’m looking forward to the showdown. Hopefully, Ga Eun can find the jar to prove the Crown Prince as King. Which yay for the drama not forgetting that clue from episodes ago. However, I think the Crown Prince could win everyone onto his side without the jar. He was able to get the servants of the Royal Family to join his side. Heck, I almost shed a tear when he went to the Dowager Queen and called her his mom.

Firnlambe: I have mixed feelings about the Dowager Queen. On one hand, that moment when she was confronted by the Crown Prince was touching, but then on the other hand I think she has the potential to still hold his birth against him when she is called in to identify the true King. Particularly after the conversation she had with Lee Seon. She’s addicted to the Poisoned flower, and is still under the impression that the Pyunsoo-Hwe is the only way she will get what she needs to survive. She doesn’t realize that the Crown Prince has, or potentially has, an antidote as well. So I have this nagging feeling that she may claim Lee Seon is the King before Ga Eun is able to find that damned Jar.

Tiara: I might be giving the drama more credit than it should be getting, but I feel like Team Crown Prince has a few aces up their sleeves. Look at the way they were able to orchestrate the misdirection for the Crown Prince to be in the throne room. Plus, the Dowager Queen knows the Pyunsoo Hwe will only allow a select few to live because their poison was destroyed. If she joins hands with Lee Seon, she could still be lied to about being able to live. At least, the Crown Prince is trying to save everyone by finding the antidote. I guess it depends on if Lee Seon gave her the poison as a show of good faith. However, Team Evil thought they could capture the Crown Prince before he got into the Palace and look how that turned out.

Firnlambe: I really doubt Lee Seon gave her anything as a show of good faith. He may be trying to gather his own people, but I get the feeling he is still on a fairly tight leash with the Pyunsoo-Hwe. Speaking of Lee Seon I have to state that his mother annoyed me greatly. I know she was trying to do her best in convincing her son to come back home with her, but revealing the Prince was alive pushed him into declaring Ga Eun as his choice for Queen. I knew he would make her his Queen, but a small part of me had hoped he would show a little respect towards Ga Eun and her feelings.

Tiara: You’re probably right Firnlambe about Lee Seon. This has been what I’ve be afraid when it comes to Lee Seon. He’s trying to force Ga Eun to do something she doesn’t want to do and that’s not cool. I too also hate his mother. Why did she have to tell her son about the Crown Prince being alive? Considering she knows how Ga Eun feels about the situation with Lee Seon, telling her son who’s high on power was not the smartest thing to do. I have to hand it to Ga Eun for asking Lee Seon some tough questions. Finally, someone asked why he’s joining hands with the Pyunsoo Hwe knowing what they are doing to the people and what they’ve done to his father.

Firnlambe: Ga Eun is shaping up to be one of my favorite female leads. She strong willed, yet kind. Like Tiara said, she’s not afraid to ask the tough questions and that is extremely refreshing from a period drama. Unfortunately I feel like this confrontation came too late.Ga Eun may have had more luck if she had done this conversation with Lee Seon two weeks ago, it’s fallen on deaf ears. Lee Seon is riding his power high, and anything he hears from her know is going to be ignored. 

Tension is running high over at the throne room. How is one to tell which King is real and which one is fake? Can our Crown Prince really take back the throne or is he doomed to fail and watch the woman he loves marry another. Let us know how your thoughts in the comment section below. We would love to hear your theories on how the last week will shape up to be.


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