Loyalty is tested, truths are revealed and emotions run high this week. Can our Dynamic Lee duo successfully pull the wool over our head wolf’s eyes? Or will they simply expose themselves while trying? Join Tiara, Wendilynn and Firnlambe as they discuss the next 4 episodes of Ruler: Master of the Mask.

Firnlambe: Soooooo we certainly have lots to talk about this week. Who wants to pick our first poison? It’s starting to get hard attempting to follow all the plot points the writers are stuffing in our faces.

Wendilynn: I’m actually having an easy time following along. Its an intriguing story.

Tiara: We should give the writers some credit for keeping the pace of the story. However, I can’t tell if it’s the writing or the halving of the episodes.

Firnlambe: Agreed. The writers are certainly making an effort to keep the pace of everything flowing, but I feel like it maybe moving a tad too fast. I understand that we need to take drama time with a grain of salt when they do the flashes of multiple points, but -- I honestly can’t even pinpoint where it felt rushed to me...so idk, maybe I’m still just in shock over how things progressed as a whole. Though I really appreciate the fact that the King finally decided to enlighten our prince. Granted it was too little too late, as our masked hero could have used this information BEFORE he started the doomed investigation, but still! At least he told him?

Tiara: Hallelujah for communication. Of course, Ga Eun’s dad wouldn’t have died if the King told the Crown Prince sooner. Yet, the King still tried the pin the whole ordeal on his son. Yes, he is partly to blame, but the real criminal is the King himself. Grr!!! I wanted to throw my computer across the room.

Wendilynn: About bloody time. The King is absolutely the one responsible and Crown Prince is just as much a victim as anyone else. Especially as he was never told what was really going on.


Firnlambe: Preach!! I don’t understand why Kings in historicals always try to push the blame from their own poor decision making onto their sons. You want him to be the King you couldn’t be, right? So why did you keep all of this VITAL information from him? Information that could have saved countless amounts of loyal subjects. I’m really glad though that Commoner Lee knew our Princely Lee’s face before Ga Eun’s papa got beheaded. I would have been heart broken if not one of his friends knew he wasn’t really the one who threw the final blow. It's a small consolation since Ga Eun still doesn’t know with 100% certainty the Crown Prince didn’t frame her father dead.

Tiara: Poor Ga Eun. She may only have revenge toward the Crown Prince, but I’m hopeful whatever is in the flower pot will help her join team Crown Prince. She clearly likes him as Chun Soo and we know the Crown Prince is head over heals for her. I do find the romance a little lacking. The necklace and then returning it with both of them longing and hoping to reunite again just seemed a little too fast since they’ve been friends for like two seconds. I hope the drama can find time for them to spend time again without the world imploding.

Wendilynn: I guess I’m the odd man out because I totally got where the romance was coming from. Crown Prince just killed her dad. And giving her that locket is his way of saying I’m going to take responsibility for all this. Would he go slower if he had the time? Yes. But he doesn’t have time. He is about to do something dangerous and he wanted her to wait for him. He had to make a claim when he could.

Firnlambe: I suppose, but I still thought the romance was rushed as well….I think that was the point I was trying to pin down earlier. Again we can’t gauge drama time correctly, but these kids barely seem to know each other and already we have Sun and Moon analogies running about.


Tiara: More time spent with Ga Eun would also be nice. I think I know more about Hwa Goon than I do about the female lead. There’s something about Hwa Goon I dislike, but I have a sense of her character. Ga Eun seeing her dad’s death and spending a little time with her before is only scratching just the surface of who Ga Eun is as a character. I’m hopeful we’ll get to spend more time focus on her.

Firnlambe: I really...reeeeally hope that Hwa Goon will get struck down by the Joseon Gods before this show is over. Her entire attitude just rubs me the wrong way, probably because she’s such a spoiled girl. From her attitude while in front of the queen to her lurking in the rafters, she just does what she wants. The only decent thing she’s done so far is steal the assassin as “her person”. I have reservations on how long that will last, as Grandpapa Evil told him to report back to him, but for the time being he seems to be doing what Hwa Goon wants and so at least Commoner Lee wasn’t exposed. In my opinion it’s just a temporary fix though. Eventually he’ll report back and then we’ll have a whole new can of worms to deal with.


Tiara: You hit the nail on Hwa Goon. She’s such a spoiled brat who also thinks and feels she is better than everyone. Her smile also bugs me. It makes me want to slap her, but I’d end up hurting my computer instead. I’m also right there with you on Gon. He may be Hwa Goon’s person for now, but he will always answer to Grandpa. I’m glad to see the Crown Prince stand up to the Evil man. His new form of confidence is in part of being able to look at the situation from a different angle, but also in part because of Seon. I smell a bromance in the making if one of them doesn’t betray the other.

Wendilynn: That was the one reservation watching things this week. Would Seon be able to stay true to the situation he’s about to be put in? I mean, the King tortured him. The bad guys tortured him, poisoned him and then threw him back to the king knowing he’s a fake. What the hell is this boy going through? And, what will stop him from taking the crown for himself?

Firnlambe: I reeeeally hope there is no betrayal in the works for later in the drama. Seon can only upgrade from a weak and feeble puppy into a strong guard dog….if he decides to turn into a wolf I’ll be really disappointed. Watching that bromance blossom would be great. They both have so much which can contribute towards the betterment of other. The only way I’ll accept a betrayal is if it’s a sham betrayal, and they do it to bring the Pyunsoo Hwe down.

Tiara: I too hope Seon and the Crown Prince can work together to bring down Pyunsoo Hwe, but the moment we learned about grandpa’s past I got super worried. Grandpa and Seon are more alike than the Crown Prince and him who share the same name. The difficulties both Grandpa and Seon have experience of being treated no better than animals makes me question Seon staying faithful to the Crown Prince. Seon told the King the real reason he’s agreeing to switch is because he’s hungry. I can’t say I blame him. I mean he’s known the Crown Prince for a few days. Trust is learn day by day, but climbing out the slums and becoming King … the price will be him becoming a puppet. Yet, he will be hungry no more so who cares if others surfers. It worked for Grandpa, could work for Seon.


Firnlambe: Though your theory does make sense lalalalala //plugs fingers in ears// I’m not liiistening. I have to give Seon major kudos though. Even when he was under extra doses of the hallucinogen drug he was still able to strongly claim that he was the Crown Prince. This now brings up the major question of the day. Why bother using a double if you (Prince) are going to come rushing back without your mask and expose yourself while shouting for your already dying father (╯‵Д′)╯︵ ┻━┻ that makes everything you just trained Seon invalid, doesn’t it?

Wendilynn: I didn’t get that either. What’s the point of having a doppleganger if you are going to blow his cover from the get go? Having him act like a shivering coward after the strong performance of giving them the flowers would be a tip off. I’m curious where this is going. We know the boys become king, but to what purpose? What’s the point if the Pyunsoo Hwe know?

Tiara: To be fair on the spotty writing, the Crown Prince was originally going to go. He left his greenhouse to go save Ga Eun who was locked up. Once the Crown Prince was safety out of the way, the King informed all of us the Pyunsoo Hwe swore in was that night. I’m not sure if Grandpa knew Seon wasn’t the Crown Prince. I mean Gon told Grams he was holding the seal. However, the running into the palace and screaming for your dad, I agree was not the smartest thing to do. It will make things a lot more messy and complicated more so when the Evil Fraternity now knows what you look like.

Firnlambe: Right? And then there’s his mother and the shady Queen that we need watch out for. Queeny is clearly in the Pyunsoo Hwe’s “good graces” and that’s concerning now that the King has died. I place my bets that the Queen was the one to poison our Prince’s Mother. I can’t imagine she would be kind towards after all this time. Particularly her since she was never able to bear a child of her own for her husband. My long years of drama watching tell me that she resented her for bringing the Crown Prince into the world and so she went to Grandpapa Evil to complain about her woes.


Tiara: I wondered if the Queen was as nice as she appears to be, but so far we haven’t seen any behind the scenes evilness that happens in dramaland. As for meeting up with Pyunsoo Hwe, I think it’s safe to say everyone knows they hold the real power. With how against Grams is about Hwa Goon becoming Crown Princess, I don’t think the group needs a person in the Royal family when they have the King by his own throat. Not to mention, they have a lot of people from Pyunsoo Hwe working in the palace as people being poisoned seems pretty common.

Wendilynn: The palace is a little too used to this. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk to the servants?

Firnlambe: You’re probably right, Tiara, but my drama senses still point towards the Queen, I just can’t see why the head concubine had to die otherwise. I’m glad though that, before her death, she was able to reveal that the large mystery pot has something of value in it.

Tiara: I too am curious at what’s in the flower pot. On a side note, if Youngbin and the King didn’t die, I also wonder how they planned of protecting and taking care of Ga Eun. Considering the Crown Prince mention in a side comment about marriage and Ga Eun, I speculate if the reason why Ga Eun was meeting with Youngbin was to help her understand the situation she’s in (aka Pyunsoo Hwe) and to hopefully convince her to join team Crown Prince in marriage. Or maybe it’s wishful thinking.

Wendilynn: The Crown Prince needs all the allies they can get and I think his Mother knew their time was short. Ga Eun needs to know why her dad willingly died. I’m thinking since we’ve got all these allies coming together that our boy was born after 9pm. Magic rain of destiny never seems to fail. All that aside, I’m still puzzling this ending down. This show just doesn’t go the way I’m expecting at all.

What are your thoughts on how week 2 went down? Are you happy with the pacing? Do you also think our star crossed love is progressing too fast? Maybe our mystery item in the flower pot of destiny really can help our Crown Prince escape his seemingly doomed fate, but first Ga Eun needs to reach the Greenhouse. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We love to read your thoughts and take on how each week progresses.

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