Growing up is a pain with all those embarrassing moments. However it’s time for our characters to be go their separate ways for some growing up. It’s a short and joyous reunion after 5 years for a few of the characters while our new fake King is still fighting for his life in a golden cage. Has time helped the Crown Prince figure out how to reclaim him rightful place on the throne and to protect the his people? Come join Firnlambe and I, Tiara, as we discussed this episodes.

Firnlambe: I gotta admit. The time leap through me for a loop. There was no announcement that it happened, but suddenly Wiggle was a young girl and my brain tired rapidly to figure out when I missed the transition. … needless to say I failed and just had to accept it as fact.

Tiara: The time jump was more of an artistic jump with time-lapse of the building of the marketplace. Boy the drama has some great cinematography which gives me Scarlet Heart feelings. OMG, I love Wiggle. She’s adorable.

Firnlambe: Watching her sell their wares was adorable! I was happy to see that even though their Lee has been forced to “abandon” them they have never stopped thinking about him. I couldn’t even imagine what his mother must have thought when he never came back.

Tiara: She’s a lively child and I glad her circumstances haven’t stun her from being a child. I loved the interaction between Wiggle and Woo Bo. I think she’s the only one to get away with that behavior towards him because none of the other characters can. It made me happy to see the family unit of not just Wiggle, her mother, and Ga Eun, but the whole commoner’s market. Speaking of Seon, I was completely wrong … so far. He’s basically a prisoner and a puppet King. It’s so sad. However, I was totally right about the Queen. She isn’t evil, but trying to do what she can with what little power she has. I’m kind of girl crushing on the Queen and her bada** moves this week.

Firnlambe: Totally a point in your scorebook. I’m glad it turned out that way, I just wish she had the ability to do more. I get why she can’t, it’s just wishful thinking at this point. I really hope she is able to be a solid voice of reason to Seon whenever they are alone. Like she was after he went against his orders during the morning meeting. Which, by the way, I was EXTREMELY happy about and then instantly went into worry mode. If he had become so dead to what was going on around him and was not affected by that particular order I would have been extremely worried about his current state of mind….and health if I’m being honest. BTW, does Grandpapa Evil have the ability to control that poison at will? Because otherwise that was a suuuuuper convenient timing of heartache.

Tiara: I’m right there with you on being worried for Seon. I too hope the Queen can help Seon evening after stepping down. She may feel he’s ready after one meeting by saying no to Pyunsoo-Hwe’s demands, but she’s got to know they are holding something against him. As for the poison, I assumed a pill was giving after a few days or hours. If the poisonous pill wasn’t taken, the person would die. It was how I think Pyunsoo-Hwe controlled the King at the beginning. I have to chuckle at Grandpa of Evil. He’s greed put a wedge between his granddaughter as she makes excuses after excuses to not see him. Oh how karma can bite you back if you don’t watch it.

Firnlambe: I have high hopes that Hwa Goon is firmly in our Crown Prince’s corner. Particularly after watching her lose her mind after he “died”. I really appreciate that she has held onto that grudge this entire time. I want her to be the one to help him from the inside, but I know I’m getting too far ahead of myself. There is so much that could also go wrong. He trusts her now because he doesn’t know about her connection with Pyunsoo-Hwe, but what will he do once he discovers the ugly truth she’s been hiding from him? sigh so many variables….and that’s not even taking her inevitable jealousy over Ga Eun into consideration.

Tiara: I’ll admit Hwa Goon is growing on me, however I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her which isn’t fair. My fingers are crossed she won’t turn up as the villainous female second lead, but I worry with her crush on the Crown Prince is exactly where she will end up. She’s done some amazing things without her dad or grandfather’s help. She’s not being annoying like the first half of the drama. I’m really liking this grown-up version. But her world is going to crumble around her when the Crown Prince finds out she not only belongs to the Pyunsoo-Hwe but is the granddaughter to the man who killed his father. I agree with you there. I’m happy with the choice the drama made to speed up time because I really thought for a minute we would have to watch everyone going their separate ways for an episode.

Firnlambe: I agree on the time jump placement. If I had been forced to watch the naive version of Chun Soo gathering up his strength and network connections, before he was made into the Pack Men’s head Boss, I may have gone crazy. It pleased me that he was able to get himself into the right frame of mind regarding how he can start to take down our Big Bad Wolf. Plus I could watch him save Ga Eun while riding that horse all day….but that’s neither here nor there.

Tiara: Haha!!! Me too … me too but darn that noble idiot syndrome. Here we go again about the lack of communication. You think the Crown Prince would’ve learned it’s better knowing about things than leaving them a mystery. This is the reason why things are the way they are because he was left in the dark. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It’s great seeing him gaining the trust, loyalty, and network to bring down Pyunsoo-Hwe and save Seon. My bromance between Seon and the Crown Prince is still going strong. I just hope the Crown Prince can save Seon before it’s too late. Sadly, he is replaceable. The Queen wouldn’t give the group to print money and now that she’s stepped down, I do believe they are going to get the rights soon. 

Firnlambe: I second the Bromance staying strong. Watching Seon break down when Chun Soo “died” was just as impactful as when Hwa Goon broke down. Though, overall I think his breakdown was more significant. I really hope it was part of what kept him going this entire time. As for Chun Soo’s network. I’m happy he figured out about the copper issue, but that’s exactly what it’s going to be--an issue. Particularly now that it’s clear that it is the driving force behind our Big Bad Wolf. Any bets on how many wrenches Hwa Goon may toss into the works with her lingering family loyalty? I’m pretty sure she’s the other masked assassin….right?....doesn’t that mean she’s trying to take that information so our Prince can’t take it for himself?

Tiara: OMG, I cried when Seon almost jumped from the same spot the Crown Prince fell from. I’m so happy a palace guard stopped him and he now he’s a loyal follower to help him and maybe keep him sane. WIth Pyunsoo-Hwe it’s always going to be another issues isn’t it? First it was water, now it’s money. It will be interesting to watch Hwa Goon fight with herself on loyalty towards her family or the person she “thinks” she loves. I’m not sure the female masked assassin is her. The drama spent way too much time watching the Gisaeng which makes me question if she isn’t the masked assassin. Maybe there’s another organization out there trying to stop Pyunsoo-Hwe? Or maybe I’m just over thinking and hoping too much.  

Firnlambe: nonononon I like this thought process. That means Chun Soo would have more connections in bringing down the Pyunsoo-Hwe. I actually totally forgot about the Gisaeng, so you are probably right in that guess. It would make sense on why she had a camera focus on her when she arrived and why they focused on the bracelet /during/ the fight.

Tiara: I guess we’ll have to wait and see next week. These 30 minute episodes are messing with me. I totally thought there was more to this week after episode 12 ended. I still can’t figure out if the episodes are just that good or it’s splitting. It might actually be both. But I almost cried finding out I finished the last episodes because I wanted more. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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