Often spoken of as the best Korean drama of 2002, Ruler of Your Own World aired to initially low ratings, gradually building up a dedicated, passionate fanbase  over the course of its 20 episodes. Critically praised for its daring realism and refusal to rely on Kdrama conventions, this gripping drama comes from the pen of the award-winning In Junk Ok and from veteran director Park Sung Soo, and boasts top-notch quality in everything from its cast to its plot and music. Garnering a huge devoted following, Ruler of Your Own World became a genuine cult classic, and gave rise to several current A-list actors. Film and drama star Yang Dong Geun (who would later re-unite with director Park Sung Soo for Dr. Kkang) heads a high-caliber cast which includes current stars Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Dong Gun (they went on to co-star in smash hit Sang-Doo Let's Go to School), and rising superstar film actress Lee Na Young, who first made a name for herself through Ruler. Ko Bok-Su (played by Yang Dong Geun) grows up on the rough side of the streets. After getting out of prison, he meets Chun Kyung (Lee Na Young) and steals her wallet, and this simple act sets in motion a chain of events which will change the lives of all around them. Seeing the world with new eyes after his stint in prison, Ko Bok-Su finds himself caught in a love triangle as the reserved, moody Chun Kyung begins to fall for him, while his old love, the tough, determined Mi-Rae (Gong Hyo-jin) wants him back. Ko Bok-su, in a quest to make sense of the world, embarks on a journey which is by turns surprising, gripping, and uplifting. Both gritty and hopeful, Ruler of Your Own World is an utterly unique drama, and certainly not to be missed. Watch Ruler of Your Own World on DramaFever.