Actor Lee Jong Suk and Miss A member and actress Bae Suzy are apparently in a relationship, according to some tabloid. This tabloid not only claimed to have photo proof of the two but even tossed Dispatch (a popular news outlet known for outing celeb relationships and scandals) into the mix, saying they're going to release the photos and expose the secret relationship!

The tabloid wrote this statement on a social site: "A member named B from girl group M is currently dating actor Lee Jong Suk. An entertainment media outlet will be releasing a report on it tomorrow. Member B is Bae Suzy."

That whole statement makes no sense and sounds completely fake right? Well it is! Dispatch denies the rumor and says the only thing they're releasing about Suzy is just photos from a throwback photo shoot she did. JYP, which is Suzy's agency, said, "the rumors are totally false," and the best statement of them all came from Lee Jong Suk's agency. His agency said the following: "He has never met Suzy and they never worked on the same project. They didn't even film a commercial together. We have no idea why the rumor spread."

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It's ok--we don't know either, but it was a poorly thought out rumor to begin with. Think about it; if you're a tabloid, isn't it to your benefit to break a big story such as this? Why would you report that another news outlet is going to break the story and then refer to Suzy as "B" to hide her identity as Suzy, but then reveal that "B" is Suzy at the end?!

This is a complete work of fiction, but since we're on the subject...can you see Lee Jong Suk and Suzy as a couple on-screen, or even in real life?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE