The Night Watchman's Journal co-stars Yunho and Seo Yi Ji have found themselves in a dating rumor! According to the news outlet Sports Seoul, they were given information from a so-called "inside source" that Yunho and Seo Yi Ji are in a relationship.

(Photo Credit: Sportschosun)

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This source claims that while working together in the drama, they developed romantic feelings for one another and began dating. Considering Yunho's fame, their dates all took place in a car, and even a Watchman crew member "noticed the spark between them." Now all of this is, again, according to an inside source of Sports Seoul, and of course, both stars companies denied the rumors. Both companies claim the two have just become good friends and Yunho "is just a friendly oppa who takes care of her well."

Had it been Dispatch and not Sports Seoul, I might have believed it, but in this case I'll roll with it and say I agree this is just a rumor, how about you? Do you believe this is a rumor, or do you think despite their companies' statements, they're dating?

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