mc-donalds-mega-potato-japan-fries-01 The "Mega Fries" are coming! A top secret new offering from McDonald's Japan has leaked online and is whipping Netizens into a french fry frenzy. The new Mega Fries (which once went by the name of "Sharing Fries") weigh in at 350 grams, or about 2 large orders put together. The photo above shows the new Mega size next to a medium size order. For comparison, Mega Fries beats out the old Super Size fries, which were "only" 200 grams of fried spuds. Mega Fries are priced to be a once-in-a-while treat. Each order will cost 490 yen (about $5 USD), about the same price as an entire Extra Value Meal. The frypocalypse will supposedly commence in certain branches on May 17th, and be available everywhere in Japan on May 24th.